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Discussion in 'Star Style' started by Kristen May Lee, Nov 17, 2010.

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    I'm posting this because I've admired her beauty and work ever since I saw her prance across a music video with the band "Mack Winston and The Reflections"...The video was called "Manipulator".

    Before that I realized she also was a one time NYLON TV host. I wrote an article about her but for some reason it never was published. I found her story rather fascinating. She's worked in fashion as a runway model,but has been in film and on TV. She appeared on the season five debut of True Blood,and has a cameo in Sofia Coppola's new movie "Somewhere". Last month NYLON put her in their IT GIRL issue, but CC Sheffield is more than IT,she's ALL THAT!!!

    Her beauty is natural,and her manner is charming rather humble and very industrious. She sings with an incredibly lush voice. Originally she started a rock band called Le Rev , then she went on to do a solo project that was more pop.

    Here are some pictures of her!

    I found this one on The Face Hunter.

    The girl has great style and a fantastic voice to match. I know she's worked with some notable designers like Jeremy Lichtenberg. I hope you all enjoy this thread.

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