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    Usually my visits to my grandma’s house during Christmas time are boring and uneventful. However, this year, a new annual tradition (I’m hoping) has begun. Every time my friend goes to visit her grandmother, she always comes back with glorious vintage finds, like an old Louis Vuitton purse, cashmere sweaters, and dozens of other fun and enviable items. Now, I’m new to all this vintage stuff, so I thought I’d start out by asking my grandma if she had any old things she’d like to let me look through to keep. She was just thrilled. As a self-proclaimed pack-rat, she brought out multiple boxes of old costume-y jewelry for me to sift through. (Unfortunately, no clothes were brought out during this visit.) I picked a number of chunky beaded cuffs, and a couple of pairs of earrings, one clip on, that I plan to wear.

    Now, these earrings here are clip-ons as well, but I found them way to chunky for my ears. At the last minute I snatched them up, an idea coming to my head. A do-it-yourself tee! I’ve had my eye on a couple intricately beaded and studded simple tees for a while, but it seems the most beautiful ones are also the most expensive. So what I've done, with the assistance of my mother who is an expert seamstress (really), is sew two pairs of earrings on two different regular v-neck shirts from J. Crew. And I'm very pleased with the results!

    I suggest going to a local thrift store and looking through the jewelry there. With a little bit of ribbon, lace, sequins, leather, studding, whatever added with them onto just a plain tee, a big statement can be made.

    I will post pictures of my finished products as soon as I load them to my computer!

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