eco-friendly oscar dress NOT so friendly??

Discussion in 'In the News...' started by jun3machina, Mar 6, 2010.

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    "March 6, 2010 Hollywood can be a place where people who call themselves environmental advocates fly in for Earth Day on private planes from Aspen. But Suzy Amis Cameron, who is married to director James Cameron, will also walk the walk along the red carpet at the Oscars Sunday night.
    Suzy Amis Cameron will wear a garment that is described as an "eco-dress," designed by Michigan State University senior Jillian Granz, who won an eco-dress design contest to raise money for an elementary school described as “eco-friendly.”
    The dress is what James Cameron calls "Avatar blue," the blue of the characters who are depicted in his Oscar-nominated film. According to the Web site,, the dress is made from what's sometimes known as ahimsa, or "peace silk," a material spun from cocoons without killing the worms inside. describes the dress as "zero-waste," which is like Women's Wear Daily calling a new design "stunning."
    The dress can be re-worn and recycled. But, if Suzy Amis Cameron wears any Harry Winston jewels, she might not want to recycle them."

    and from
    Suzy Amis, wife of director James Cameron, was on-hand Wednesday night at the Global Green Pre-Oscar Party for the official unveiling of her Academy Awards green dress.
    The gown has been receiving a lot of attention ever since Amis announced a contest “Red Carpet Green Dress” which challenged fashionistas to come up with a stylish, green design to benefit charity — and walk the red carpet on Oscar night. The winner was announced last month as Jillian Granz, a Michigan State University senior majoring in apparel and textile design.
    Originally thought to be red, the resulting gown in a stunning blue – an appropriate color given Cameron’s blue-skinned aliens in Avatar. It’s a zero-waste dress — made from Ahimsa or “peace” silk, derived from cocoons without killing the silk worms inside.
    “Choosing from sketches and designs worldwide, it was a tough decision,” Amis Cameron said in a press release. “Jillian’s design was stunning and had that something special. It’s a beautiful combination of sustainability and style. I’m excited to promote the talent of this young designer.”

    now all this is fine and dandy except the majority of information available shows that this "AHIMSA" silk method is much less bug friendly that it leads on. silk worms are still killed, just not as many. but in many instances, more caterpillars are bred, destroyed from starvation and other procedures....anyone else bothered by the consistent eco friendly trend that is adored by media outlets, and hollywood alike.....following the IGNORANCE IS BLISS trend a it too much??? I personally get disgusted by so many claiming GREEN, when there's so much more to the story they choose not to enlighten themselves about....

    (hope this is in the right place....didn't know where else to put it for discussion)

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    The Danish director Lone Scherfig is wearing an eco-friendly dress from Danish brand Noir to the Oscars...Noir is very reliable, or so I've heard.
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    Wow, stupid but not surprising. Almost all of the celebrities who go on about being eco-friendly and saving the planet eg Cate Blanchett, Bono use private planes, it's very hypocritical.

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