Fashion seasons in the Southern Hemisphere

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    This may be a silly question, but I am curious about something:

    Since the seasons/yearly climates are the direct opposite in the Southern Hemisphere, we all know that brands sell the usual FW collections during spring and summer, and the SS collections during fall and winter in countries like Australia, Southern Africa, Argentina etc.

    But I wonder: which FW collections do they sell? Does the Southern Hemisphere follow fashion a season before us or after us? I know this may all sound silly, but...

    For instance: did Australia buy the FW 08-09 collections this summer, or FW 09-10 that we are seeing just now in our stores? I know it used to be one season later, but I wonder if the high-demand, far less people buying these clothes in comparison to the Northern Hemisphere, internet and other factors changed this situation in the recent years.

    Australian or South African members may enlighten me perhaps. Or how is it in Brazil is another question.

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    Pasha, it used to be 6 months behind.

    For instance FW 08 09 wouldn't have appeared in stores until around March/April 09 for the southern hemispheres June/July/August 09 winter. Approximately.

    But in recent years, due to the factors you have mentioned, most of the boutiques that stock international labels now stock in line with the northern hemisphere.

    Its been noted that flagship stores, like Prada, are also selling stock in the southern hemisphere in sync with the northern hemisphere.

    In some regards it actually means the seasons fashion and the season you are in, for people in the southern hemisphere are perfectly alined. For example, Prada has the FW 09.10 collection in stock now, and we are in winter now... buy your studded wool coat today and wear it today!
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    I had the same doubts about the southern hemisphere and after having spent a while in south america, I noticed that high-end stores like Zara were carrying items from our previous season.. say, a pair of winter boots I got in NYC in november, I went to find them again in Buenos Aires during their recent winter sale (april or may). Also most local stores were all about F/W 08.09 trends in their collections. not to mention I got rejected an assigment about trends for making it F/W 09.10 instead of F/W 08.09.. the professor openly refused to know anything about F/W 09.10.. so much for an spoiler:ninja:.

    Anyway, I can only speak for Buenos Aires, perhaps it's different in places like Sao Paolo.. I think they have a stronger fashion scene that just has to be on the same page as everyone to receive more attention.

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