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Forum Upgrade Coming .... Offline on Monday for a Few Hours

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by BetteT, May 11, 2013.

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  1. BetteT

    BetteT Mod Squad Team Leader

    Jan 22, 2003
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    Spring Cleaning at The Fashion Spot
    It's time for spring cleaning at The Fashion Spot! On May 13th, we'll launch the completely redesigned Fashion Spot forums, with an upgraded platform, tighter security, and better usability. And then the next day, May 14th, get ready for the totally redesigned Fashion Spot, showcasing high-fashion content with clean luxurious lines and compelling imagery.

    Less clutter
    One of the key changes you'll notice is how much better your content looks. Whether it's your words or your images, we're bringing the design to match the high fashion content that lives here. You'll also notice that we've cleaned up the header section of the forum and moved advertising around, to get you to content faster.

    Albums and social groups
    As part of the upgrade, you now have the ability to create albums on the forums, and upload your own images. No more hotlinking necessary. Also, the new forums will have social groups, allowing you to create social groups to share your albums or interests.

    A slight hiccup
    In upgrading the platform, we did lose something: old buddy lists and profile comments. These features will exist in the upgrade, but old buddy lists and comments will not. We understand this isn't ideal, but it's so that we could have a smoother running, more secure forums experience for you.

    Old school
    Of course, if you prefer the current color scheme, and aren't a fan of the new design? Switch back to the Retro color scheme with the new layout at the bottom of the page.

    We expect the forums to be down for about 4 hours on May 13th to make the changes. We're excited to make the forums better and for you to check the forums out on May 13th, and the all new Fashion Spot on May 14th. Stay tuned!

    Psst. Sneak Peek
    Interested in seeing a sneak peek of where we're going? Here's the new forums design, as well as the new homepage.

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