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    Oct 5, 2020
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    I saw a meme earlier (pictured below) and am curious if anyone has been seeing this type of style gaining traction over the past year or so? I don't exactly know what it could be called but I've seen it labelled as "garbagecore" (lol), among other things. I see a lot of cool NYC and UK instagram profiles and depop sellers taking on this style; an example is actress Sophie Thatcher's current instagram. Brands I see with this kind of style are maybe Charlotte Knowles, Ottolinger, and 604service. Is this just another case of the fashion pendulum swinging back to early 2000s (I could use more education or insight)?

    It seems to be a culmination of late 90s to early-mid 2000s trends, a hint of MySpace era goth, vintage Vivienne and Margiela and Miguel Adrover, Hysteric Glamour, and more. There are probably different sub-trends within this but it all seems to have a similar vibe.


    source: instagram.com/finalrevenge2020

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