Have You Ever Heard Of Unrath & Strano?

Discussion in 'Designers and Collections' started by Anke Seegebarth, Oct 17, 2004.

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    [attachmentid=29370]I would like to introduce you to the Haute Couture label UNRATH & STRANO!
    This year UNRATH & STRANO presented the winter collection in Rome during the Alta Moda fashion week.

    Both designers started their career at Vivienne Westwood some years ago, before they founded in 1999 their own brand and moved to Berlin.
    UNRATH & STRANO is reknwon for its exceptional cut. Their flamboyant gowns already wear celebrities such as Nadja Auermann, PINK, Jette Joop, Eva Padberg, Anja Kling, Birgit Schrowange and further celebrities from the media business. Their customers from Europe and the Middle East order their tailormade evening gowns and wedding dresses at UNRATH & STRANO and very appreciate the private and exclusive atmosphere in their showroom.


    The designer set the foundation for his career by doing an apprenticeship at an Haute Couture house in Germany. In 1994 he completed his studies at the Master School for Fashion in Munich with Honours. Following a work placement at Genny in Italy, he decided to move to London in 1995 to work as a pattern cutter for Vivienne Westwood. He was appointed head of the Ladies Pattern Cutting Department in 1996. On account of his outstanding performance and his specific combination of technical knowledge and design skills he was given overall responsibility for the design and development of the RED LABEL Collection in 1997. In addition, owing to his exceptional talent and love of Haute Couture, he assisted and co-ordinated the design of the GOLD LABEL Collection and undertook special assignments for Evening and Bridal wear. By the end of 1999, he decided together with Ivan to move on and commence designing and trading under their own label. He has been invited by the UdK in Berlin to lecture at the side of Vivienne Westwood from October 2001.


    Born and raised in Switzerland, the young Italian developed an early passion for costume and theatre design. In 1990 he started an apprenticeship in Basel to become a ladies tailor. After its successful completion he assisted at opera and theatre productions and gained experience at several European theatre houses. In search of international work experience he travelled to New York and LA, but decided to move to London to further his career at the English National Opera's costume department. In the fashion capital he discovered his love for fashion and started working as a couturier for various London-based designers. In 1998 he joined the Couture department at Vivienne Westwood, where Ivan and Klaus met and the idea of the UNRATH & STRANO label was born.
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    Wow - a long dormant thread. Check out their work over the past couple of years at http://www.unrath-strano.com. Their "Money rules the World" show was very interesting but it would take too long to do screen capture shots, so here is one picture from a different show in 2006.

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