how long did it take you?

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    i've got a question about fashion illustration... how long did it take you guys to go from knowing nothing (e.g. the proportions...) to becoming skilled and confident in fashion illustration?

    i've always disliked drawing since young cos i think i've got no talent, but i'd really love to do fashion illustration. i've borrowed some books from the library on it, and i'm going to start practising on my own. does anyone have any tips for illustration or suggestions for books that i can borrow (such as the 9heads book)? thanks!
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    hi ^ we have threads on fashion illustration in the careers & education/business forum. there is a lot of stuff on books and help there. also you can find more threads related to illustration just by going to the top of the page, click search and choose "search titles". then put in 'illustration' and so on...

    here's a few

    About Fashion Illustration as a Career

    Fashion Illustration & Drawing, How to? / Art materials, croquis, templates, books.

    i've been drawing since i was a child, even before knowing fashion so ...
    i think you should just try to enjoy illustrating, without thinking about getting better.. you'll improve along the way. the best advice would be, find things you enjoy drawing/painting.

    i think if you don't have much experience with drawing and painting, then you'd need to start from that; and you can get books on general drawing.. drawing with crayons, pencils, etc and painting with watercolours / acrylics etc. once you know the basics, it will be easier
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    For starters, i think you actually need to like drawing to become an illustrator.

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