How to Start Learning about Designers and their Collections?

Discussion in 'Careers, Education & the Business of Fashion' started by Bella_Lass334, Aug 31, 2010.

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    I'm always impressed at how the users on this forum can instantly identify what designer did what garment, what collection it's from, what year it's from, and if a collection looks like any collection from the past. What do you suggest someone do to become an expert on designers/collections? Are there any classic collections that you recommend I study? I know it must take a long time to have an encyclopedic knowledge of designers and collections, but what do you think is a good stepping stone?
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    Here are a couple of resources, right here on tFS.

    I suggest that you review this thread, you might find some worthwhile recommendations ... Books About Fashion, Designers - Recommendations ?

    And read all of the old threads in D&C ... especailly the History of Style subforum, if you are interested in vintage collections.

    I also suggest that you study historical fashion, because modern collections often are inspired by what has been seen before. Theres' really nothing completely new.

    But wish I could offer something more definitive than that but it's just too vast without knowing where your interests lie and the purpose behind your interst.

    I just study what interests me ... which is often vintage/ historical in nature. I love the mod era designers who changed fashion so much during the early 60's moving away form the tight waisted, mid calf length skirt into mini skirts, pop art prints, straight little shifts with boots, all very futuristic looking: Mary Quant, Rudi Grenriche (I think I spelled that one completely wrong!), Emilio Pucci, etc. Paul Poiret interests me because he got women out of corsets and into softer, more flowing clothing ... Coco Chanel also changed how women dressed ... softer, slimmer, comfortable ... and that classic little jacket.
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    i would also like to know! :smile:
    I am still quite new in fashion, right now my interest lays on fashion photography but i think having a knowledge about designers and their identity would be really helpful :flower:

    i could differentiate between McQueen and Chanel (obviously :D ) but sometimes I'm still confused between brands like Chloe and Celine,etc..
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    ^I think its the little details sometimes which make it possible to spot a Chloe or Celine so one suggestion would be to review their past seasons. is a pretty good starting reference but also just try to read anything and everything which interests you, search Google or go on to the designers webpages and see if they supply information which might interest you. :smile:
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    Books definitely work for me.
    And reading topics in the History of Style subforum.

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