How you create the originality of you?

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    Hey there...

    I am here really curious how to figure out the signature of my design.
    Some people says that I am more into sharps silhouette and masculine look.
    But the thing is, I personally love the idea of flowing silhouette, butterflies and florals prints or ethnicity and well, I don't deny that I kinda have a thing with tough woman and deep colors.

    I tried a lot of differences theme to designs some of clothes, but I tend to create similar clothes with others designers, is this mean that I haven't find the originality of me?

    I am quite confused here.. sometimes I dont really know if I am good as a fashion designer.. :(

    thanks for reading it.. I am like a total L with my twisty mind here.. :(
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    Hi rmita.. I come across the same thing myself every once in a while --but I think you'll always find people who share a couple of likes and dislikes as you do, similar interests and outlook on fashion; and it's a really nice thing in the end. Sometimes I wonder if I should bother to watch fashion week.. They say if you know what's going on in the world, you can push your work forward since you will know what has been done before. You can create new designs. I've recently thought that I've grown tired of it.. I need to do just do my own thing. And there are some designers out there who have their back towards the rest of the world --just focusing on their personal work, their vision whether or not it is truly original... What's more important is that it has meaning to them and their lives.

    What you could try is collecting a lot of things.. images, fabrics, books etc that you really like.. put them altogether perhaps on a board or sketchbook and see if there is a theme or themes that pop up over and over. And these will determine where your signature lies.. Just remember, it's an ever-growing process : -) It always evolves.

    There is another thread about this topic here:
    Developing creativity

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