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Discussion in 'Shoes, Shoes, Shoes' started by LadyIllusion, Dec 11, 2003.

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    Oct 24, 2003
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    I love the shoes designed by Gina, Christian Louboutin, but they have forgotten about classy chics like myself that wear a size 9!

    I was horrified when i called both stores in London, to find out if a few of their shoes (that i dreamt of) were still available and the largest sizes they had. I was so disappointed. The thought of my lovely dresses sitting in my wardrobe, the picture i had in my head of the shoes and the whole fantasy bubble immediately burst.

    I have decided to become a shoe designer (originally an Image Consultant) because i love to wear sexy heels (6ft) that make your mouth water shoes. My reason for this course.


    I want to familiarise myself with the equipement that is used in foot wear design including computer software. If anyone can help enlighten me that would be FANTASTIC!.

    I plan to go to college in 04 to do a footwear design course.

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    i started a thread that you can look in for schools and if you're are in london you are near cordwainers which is the best cobblers school in europe outside of italy in my opinion. you can look here i list schools my opinions and different trade shows.Shoe Design Thread

    i mean i would be here all day to tell you all that involves with shoe design it is not easy to make the shoe, to design maybe if you have that air for it. but it is very expensive to produce shoes. i suggest you go to school get the knowledge and do some interning. i am a shoe designer and i still take courses but i have been sketching all my life and i have cobblers in my family and a few architechts but that does not mean i have the more know how. it is not as easy as people think it is time consuming and frustrating to make one collection 6 months in advance and then maybe it not sell. anyways i work for other designer so it is different now. my aim is to produce my own line but that is later. i like the idea of working under a few masters. B)

    but CAD is used for the software and oh the machines again too much but check the topic out. and also not all designers can actually make the shoe some are just the visionaries because by hand one shoe could take 40 hours i have seen it. it is beautiful to see the artisans in italy working on a shoe something that sometimes can't not be taught or learned it is in the blood or soul. i know a little of both but i do not like to work with my hands all the time but i do make my own lasts which is an art of itself. also designers like georgina goodman do not work from the last she molds the leather or material she uses. ok so i am writing as book now sorry :lol:

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