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    Imageshack does not allow nude images (even partial nudes or implied nudes) on their site. Whenever they notice that a nude image is hosted on their site and posted here ... they ban the Fashion Spot entirely. This means that they disable all Imageshack hosted images that are posted here. This disrupts most of our forums and thousands of our posts ... and none of the Imageshack pictures can be viewed at all. It takes a week or longer for us to communicate with them and to get everything straightened out. Our management must be asked to interceed on our bahalf and to ask them where we can find the "offending image". Then the mods as asked to remove it and then management must let ImageShack know that it's been corrected. In the meantime, we have lost thousands of our pictures because a member posted one nude image via Imageshack.

    Since this happens on an recurring basis, we are now instructing all of our members not to host nude, semi nude or implied nude images on ImageShack ... ever.

    If you plan to post nude, partially nude or implied nude images, you must use the tFS image uploader (attachements ... see the little paperclip icon on the Advanced Reply), or another image hosting site that allows tasteful nudity (but does not advertise porn). Do not host them on any "adult" hosting site or on any "adult" section of a hosting site because they often result in either ads for porn or the images are eventually replaced by images of porn.

    The Moderatorss will continue to monitor the threads and if any nude images are posted from Imageshack they will be deleted without notice and you will have to repost them from another host.

    We would also like to encourage our members to report any nude images that they come across that have been posted from Imageshack. Thank you for your cooperation with this and hopefully moving forward we won't have a problem again.
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