Jean Paul Knott Leaves Féraud

Discussion in 'Designers and Collections' started by Abril, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. Abril

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    Jun 6, 2002
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    JEAN-PAUL KNOTT has left Feraud after just two seasons as creative director of the Escada-owned label. Poor sales of the new luxury ready-to-wear line that Knott was employed to create last July have prompted the Feraud board to concentrate wholly on its main label, which will continue to be designed by Belgian designer Matthias Heitzler. "We are very happy with the image Jean-Paul has conveyed and created for Feraud, but we are disappointed by the commercial result," Feraud's managing director Francois-Xavier de Mont told Women's Wear Daily. "We have decided to concentrate on ladies' ready-to-wear, under the Feraud label, which is the core business." Knott took up the job at Feraud, just four months after being dumped by Krizia and his new employers hoped that he would "reinstate the continuity at Feraud that was lost with the work of [his predessessor] Yvan Mispelare". While his first collection failed to garner an enthusiastic response, his autumn/winter 2003 line will not even make it to production. He is now planning to concentrate on his own three-year-old label. (April 1 2003, AM)
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    :( That's a surprise!
    Thank God we still have his label! :wink:
  3. xopher215

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    Jun 24, 2002
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    How fickle! :angry:

    I really don't understand how some of these labels make it as far as they do! :yuk:
  4. Lena

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    basically, he was kicked out, the news were
    circulating even during Fashion Week.

    fashion houses have a real hard time right now,
    so they expect too much too soon from their head
    designers (look what happened at leonard :cry: )
    and for sure they expect orders.
    if one does not sell, he/she's not doing a good job
    (in a way this does make sence but still a new designer
    needs 'time' to grow in a fashion house)

    on the other hand, truth is that jean paul knot is a
    good but very not-feraud style designer.
    he can be extremely boring, even when presenting
    masterpieces, his work -which i have seen on catwalk
    a number of times-lacks 'nerve', i cannot explain
    this but I hope you know what I mean.
    he's much better working on his own label.
    he was a bad choice for Feraud anyway, but it
    wasn't his fault really. He should say NO for this
    post, it was the wrong move for him,
    as well of the house.

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