Made-to-measure/Bespoke suits for women?

Discussion in 'Shop Till You Drop' started by Caffeine, Nov 21, 2009.

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    There was a bespoke thread but nothing was dedicated to women, so let's get started.
    I'm petite and I can never find suits that fit me perfectly. I'm very jealous of men who have access to many bespoke services who don't usually offer the same service for women.

    Now, the question is who does it and at what price. I've just learned that Paul Smith offers made to measure service to women but they are $4,000 and up, take 6 months, with only one fitting.:innocent: The price seems steep given the service.

    I just called Jil Sander, their made-to-measure service only provides men's styles but can be tailored for women (obviously no skirts are offered, but that's okay :lol:). The price is $2k+ and it takes one fitting also. This price range is more reasonable to me, but again, the woman who took the call didn't know if it was a full canvas construction.

    Is it worth it for me to try Jil Sander for women? Any other designer choices? I guess that $2k+ is okay for me, anything above $4k will perhaps be too much for everyday work/client meetings. Any suggestions? discussions?:flower: TIA!

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