Nicolas Ghesquiere to launch a fashion brand financed by LVMH

Discussion in 'Designers and Collections' started by Lola701, Jan 30, 2019.

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    But do you know the majority or what they're about with any certainty? are you sure Nicolas' success is their ultimate goal? we have seen about.. zero young emerging talent afforded the same major financial and creative liberties in a long time, do you think they can be judged on school presentations? hardly, they're subjected to teachers, the generational challenges this inevitably brings, limited resources and academic demands.

    18 has been for centuries about the average age to know and be passionate about something, with 13-17 already nurturing that outside formal education... it happened to Nicolas, it happens to people that are currently that age, nothing prodigious about autodidacticism. Nicolas was given a chance after demonstrating talent, these chances are currently strangled enough so young people accept a series of inconsequential internships for the rest of their 20s, followed by corporate-ish, slightly creative positions that will only contribute to strengthen the 5-8 dinosaurs sitting comfortably in the same seat since 2000. Once you're 35-42, already seasoned enough to know how to play along with the system and know which of your least sellable ideas to discard on behalf of the salary you would be stupid to sacrifice, then you *might* get a chance.

    Stating they don't have fresh ideas at an age where humans are naturally at their most receptive is down there with 'back in my day, there was real music!'. Same for wanting them to model their trajectory after someone who created based on a context (sociopolitical, you name it) that mirrors yours. That's just giving in to aging so easily, seeing newer ones with antagonism and deep skepticism..

    I'm not saying Nicolas should be put away in an elderly home so as to make room for the young, just don't monopolize the field any more than it already is. He could champion a recent graduate while he sits in his luxury brand conglomerate for the next 4 years, instead we'll open another door, just to find Nicolas in there too. It's toxic.
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    I should have been more precise. I wanted to say « young designers from fashion schools ».

    I just don’t think that fashion schools that cost a fortune really worship creativity.
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    I am gonna answer to you "what is avant-garde in 2019?" with another one of your answers:

    "What I want from fashion is to be able, in the future to create careers similar to Nicolas. I would love for the next big designer to not come from a very expensive school and to have the time to explore his creativity before being eaten by the system."

    THAT should be a mantra in the stale fashion industry for the near future. This is why avant-garde ideas are asleep right now. It is time for the system to stop thinking that, just because you can afford an expensive school, you are gonna have talent as a designer.
    Talent cannot be bought, either you have it or not. And as long as they don´t change their mind, fashion is gonna keep being pure boredom.

    About Chanel, my dream would totally be Phoebe; but I said Alber for one reason: he made a good YSL mini-tenure back in the late 90s. And Chanel always said about YSL that "he has talent, because he always copies me" that´s why I think Alber could work at Chanel (although I can also see him making a good Dior too).
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    I do hope he starts to design like he did at Balenciaga because I have been mostly unimpressed with his work at Louis Vuitton. Maybe he was saving his best work because he always knew he was going to get his own label. If so, that would explain alot for me.
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    I understand what you mean. And to be honest, do we really need another brand?
    I think Nicolas already has had the opportunity to create whatever he wants in terms of RTW at Louis Vuitton, both financially and creatively. And maybe he has shown us the best he could but it was just not very good. He was so extremely good at Balenciaga because of the specific history and codes of that house and the way he could re-interpret them in a very exciting way. To start from scratch, his entirely own inspirations are far from original.
    He really needs another clique as well, his collaboration with MAS has become more than stale.
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