Project White T-Shirt: 31 designers transforming the white t-shirt

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    Saw this project on the facehunter's twitter

    31 designers from 13 countries transform and redefine the white T-shirt.
    Curated by Triple-Major to support Designers Against Aids.

    Preview Week 1:
    8045-Negative T-Shirt on Aluminum

    Doktor Doktor-Marshmallow T-Shirt:


    Aftur-Recycled Tee

    Andrea Crews-Double Tee

    Anntian-Horse Tee

    Bruno Pieters-Organza Tee

    C. Neeon-T-Shirt playsuit

    This is just the first week of preview, 24 more designs to come including fifth avenue shoe repair (favorite dress I have), kostas murkudis, Daniel Palillo, slow and steady wins the race, siv stoldal and more. Can't wait to see what they made! More on

    Designers are allowed to turn the t-shirt into anything they want. There's also a really interesting video with each designer about their inspiration and the making process!

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