R.I.P Billy Powell

Discussion in 'the Art of Noise' started by yougotthesilver, Jan 29, 2009.

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    :cry: I hope it's alright I post this here, just read in in the papers and I'm a little shocked. he was so young, and such a very fine musician.


    Billy Powell, pianist/keyboardist of 70s US rock super group Lynyrd Skynyrd died from heart failure on tuesday, aged only 56.

    He was one of the two band members who survived the plain crash in 1977 in which the other 3 members had died.

    The band's greatest hits include "Sweet Home Alabama" and the legendary "Free Bird". In 2006, they were inducted into the Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame.

    Powell had had health issues for some time and called up the ambulance on tuesday, but when they had arrived they found him dead on the floor.

    My sincere condolences to his wife and his four children.

    You will be missed! :cry:

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