Rankin Selfie Harm Series

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    This new selfie series by Rankin is extremely powerful and entirely necessary

    Posted by Lucy Partington | Published 5 days ago | Stylist.co.uk

    Selfie Harm looks into the psychological impact that being ‘social media ready’ can have.

    Selfie culture has fast become part of our daily life, and now that social media is so prevalent in every aspect of what we do, taking them has become the norm. Just had your hair done? Snap a selfie. Skin looks good in the sunlight? Take a selfie. Make-up looking better than usual? It’s time to take a selfie. You probably don’t even bat an eyelid when you see somebody posing at their front-facing camera during rush hour.

    But the way we view ourselves and the editing that goes into some photos before they’re allowed to see the light of Instagram is a whole other world. FaceTuning images in order to blur a spot, to whiten teeth or brighten eyes has also – sadly – become normal.

    The pressure we put on ourselves to present a perfect image of who we are is phenomenal, but it’s not healthy. Having flaws has become frowned upon and people no longer want to embrace their freckles or smile at their laughter lines, instead choosing to erase all sight of them. And it’s dangerous.

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