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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Andy R, May 26, 2007.

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    I just wanted to post an announcement and let you all know that posting private information of people here on the Fashion Spot is not allowed. We consider the privacy of our members, fashion industry professionals, celebrities, etc. to be very important. It is against our policy to post any personal information here on tFS (this includes phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, real names of people who do not wish for their real names to be posted, etc).

    We had a recent issue regarding a member that posted personal information about our staff and unfortunately we had to ban this member for continuing to do this after a polite warning. I have been contacted by various people that are very famous to get things removed that violated this person's privacy. We do this to protect our members, not to suppress free speech.

    You do indeed have an absolute right to free speech. However this forum is privately owned and requires members to abide by our rules and by the decisions of our staff. If you cannot accept these guidelines we encourage you not to participate on tFS.

    So please do NOT post any personal information about
    our members, fashion industry professionals, celebrities, etc. on the forums like email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, etc. Respect the privacy of others as you would like them to respect your privacy!
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