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Discussion in 'In the News...' started by susseinmcswanny, Feb 8, 2021.

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    I really should not be saying this on here but I am just so over the entire fashion industry at this point they can fight me about it if they want to. I just talked with an SA from Margiela in Paris and she said the Artisanal for SS21 and RTW for FW21 are both cancelled. Not postponed. CANCELLED. All there is going to be is an "iconics" collection for FW21 which is basically a pre-collection of basics that they talked about in the video for SS21. I have no idea why they told the press they'd be postponing the show. Maybe to save face or something. The company seems to be having a ton of problems, and considering the fact that they're only showing a pre-collection this year makes me think there is something up with Galliano. He says he works in a pyramidical approach going from couture to RTW, down to pre-collection, and if this entire year is gonna be nothing but basics, it seems he has barely contributed to the design process for this year. I don't know what's going on. If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated. RIP to me in advanced if I get killed for saying this :D
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    Isn't it weird that they want to develop basics under the label of Maison Margiela? I mean, MM6 has become a place to find Margiela-fied basics, and actually that diffusion line is closer to Margiela's visual language now. When it comes to the cancellation of both couture and RTW shows, I believe it makes sense in the current situation since pre-collections are available for a longer period of time. But let's see how they will solve their problems.
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