Theres A New Name In The Running

Discussion in 'Designers and Collections' started by ykidkwis, Jan 29, 2004.

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    THERE'S a new name on everybody's lips, as the search for Tom Ford's successor (or successors) at the Gucci Group continues. The latest rumours say that Stefano Pilati, a leading designer at YSL Rive Gauche and former Gucci staffer, could be set to take over at Gucci, while Alexander McQueen is still favourite for the top job at YSL when Ford leaves in April. Pilati was Senior Designer at Miu Miu until 2000, when he was poached by Gucci to help lighten the load for Ford, after his role expanded to include overseeing all design at YSL as well (see the announcement). And since being promoted to the position of Women's Design Director at YSL two years later, he is said to have become one of Ford's most trusted designers. He is also well-respected by the rest of the team. "He is of a very high artistic calibre and as far as we're concerned he's the best candidate," Jean-Claude Lefrancois, a CGT union representative, recently told reporters. However, the decision-makers at Gucci are determined to stay shtoom until after Ford presents his final YSL collection in Paris on March 8. "Unfortunately we can't confirm or deny anything as there is simply no official news yet," a spokeswoman said yesterday. Tom Ford and his CEO Domenico De Sole announced that they would be leaving the group last November. As yet their plans have not been confirmed, although Ford has talked of his desire to break into movie-making in the past, while De Sole is likely to retire. (January 29 2004, AM)
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    This was also a headline on WGSN today :wink:

    He COULD be JUST the right cup of cappucino !!! :blink:

    KIT B)
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    Just like Calvin Klein before selling and leaving the design work to his staffer....I think that would be better.

    I DO NOT like this idea of McQueen still running the gamut of rumours when its obvious in certain interviews,he's given hints that he doesn't want no part. I wish people would shut up about it,already myself. Or are these people that stupid to realize that?

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