Trends You Are Sick Of #4

Discussion in 'Trend Spotting' started by tFS Thread Manager, Sep 25, 2014.

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    May 26, 2016
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    The funniest thing is that I didn't know that shoestrings as belts *cringe* was a trend that actualy caught on, it was just part of the mental image I had of the Jacquemus man (or should I say boy) someone whose idea of an accesory is chewing on a wheat head, considers wearing closed shoes as dressing up and wears a length of rope as a belt. Much like Benn98 I'm quite broad and could never wear something as dainty on me without it looking absurd, definitely a trend to hate. I'm not fond of seeing men's hairy sheens either.

    A trend I've noticed more and more are vertical stripes on viscose shirts, I don't hate it per se but I've seen enough of them for a lifetime. "Bonus" points if you were with some Fila Disruptors and a thin gold chain.
  2. dontbeadrag

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    Mar 4, 2016
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    A trend on TFS to post an opinion about a cover or a collection, then the following person would post an exactly opposite opinion to that one.

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