UK Elle September 2019 : Angelina Jolie by Alexi Lubomirski

Discussion in 'Magazines' started by vogue28, Aug 5, 2019.

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    I ageee re the design. Its not overly designed for the sake of it. You can actually read it now.

    re The Rebellion shoot. That stylist works for Elle Italia so is it a global shoot or a buy in?
  2. phungnam96

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    The redesign is quite similar to UK Vogue years ago. I personally prefer their clean and chic layout in the early 2010s, it was so good that some of other ELLE editions tried to copy the design.
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    Maybe through the eyes of the French 'From Paris With Love' is cheesy, but if you've been reading this magazine regularly under Anne-Marie, that edit is actually a welcoming reprieve. It's just a light and corny story. We've been so inundated by heavy, joyless and pseudo-intellectual edits in UK Elle that I just think it was very clever to kick off the fashion content with that story as an entree.
    There's an instant upgrade to the variety of fashion content in general as well, and maybe it's because a stylist is no longer running this magazine. Because while I've liked the initial art direction under Anne-Marie, her brand of fashion seemed way too uniform for a magazine like Elle. It was like Emmanuelle Alt and her retro madness. You either liked it, or you didn't. And if you didn't? Tough. This time around there's a variety of different moods, which is what September is supposed to be about. I particularly like the pink and red story which is very pleasing on the eye with the saccharine tones, and all the double-page shots in that Irish edit where the photography took centre stage for a change instead of just the fashion.

    Just slightly underwhelmed by the written content which is odd considering Farrah is a journalist. It seems she deliberately went 'fashunn' for Elle.... there are way too much fluff and very little substance. Articles about the biggest fashion celebrities right now featuring people like Alessandro Michele and Angelababy (who still need this in the Internet age? We already know they're hot right now!?!), next to some chatter about streetstyle stars at fashion week? Even Farrah's editor's letter is a snoozefest. Thank God for the Elaine Welteroth and Susie Cave features!
    Maybe she'll eventually find her signature because it is still early days, but Elle under Anne-Marie already had substance. It cast a light on both trivial and hard-hitting issues. All it needed was a lift in the fashion and layout department. Will add that the layout in this issue is perfect. Finally, the theatre, movies and music reviews and events are grouped next to the book reviews (under Anne-Marie everything was sort of scattered across the front section) and there's a cohesive flow with the overall content.
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    Quite fond of this (prefer it to the American edition at least), can appreciate how straight-on the cover shot is and I like the tame styling for a September cover. Almost reminiscent of British Harper's Bazaar covers which I'm not mad at.

    Appears to be a solid issue overall too, a thumbs up for the sleek art direction, all for a Paris-themed fashion story and those beauty photos by Quentin Jones are gorgeous! I might just have to grab myself a copy of this before it disappears from the shelves.

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