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    The mods would like to thank all of you for your feedback and suggestions.
    After spending a lot of time reviewing all your comments and discussing the options, we are now ready to proceed with our new "weight talk" policy.
    We have taken your many wishes into consideration.
    Because these wishes vary widely, from allowing all weight talk all over the board to a complete removal of all weight talk, we wont be able to please everyone with the new set up. We have decided to allow what is, hopefully, a happy medium.
    The changes are as follows:

    We have taking your critique of the old weight threads rules to heart and have made new rules, which we hope you will find less confusing.

    As for the placement of the thread in the Rumor has it forum, the reason behind this decision is twofold.

    The initial placement in Skin, Hair & Body Care, concerned us, because of the forums overall focus on personal issues that very easily lend to misconceptions about what would be appropriate issues to discuss, chiefly personal weight talk, which is not allowed in the new thread.

    The majority of the threads in RHI are speculatory and are similar in nature to many of the model and celeb related weight comments that were made in the old thread.
    This thread is aiming at an industry related discussion, not weight as it relates to specific models or celebs nor personal weight talk.
    • Linking. In order to accommodate both those concerned with any pro ana sentiments in Supporting Cast & Star Style threads and those uninterested in seeing weight related posts, on a trial basis, we are allowing linking in these threads to posts in The Model & Celeb weight thread. Please note that any text accompanying the link posted in the Supporting Cast & Star Style threads must be neutral. Failure to keep one's post neutral will be perceived as going against the tFS no weight talk rule, and will be strictly sanctioned.
    For further clarification see here: Link

    If you wish to discuss tFS' changes regarding weight discussions please do not clog the new threads, but continue to post in Discussion - tFS' Weight Policy thread in Members Support & Feedback here.

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