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Discussion in 'Designers and Collections' started by Jambakindy, May 22, 2009.

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    Henrik Vibskov has never veered away from mixing in art with his clothing. Establishing a cult following with his loud graphics and forward thinking cuts, whether you would wear his clothing or not, his fashion shows are always a visual feast. For the next week Vibskov will be leaving the clothing behind to focus on 3 interactive installations. The 3 exhibits will take place in Copenhagen, Gothenburg, and Oslo where he asks participants to contribute one item of a solid color that will be used as his medium. His first stop will be in Copenhagen, May 21st, where he asks contributors to bring a red item, followed by Gothenburg on the 22nd with a yellow item, and finishing on the 23rd in Oslo where a white object is requested. The exhibition appropriately titled RED YELLOW WHITE.

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