Where to sell my overal fullprint designs for the most profit?

Discussion in 'Careers, Education & the Business of Fashion' started by Niu DaVinci, Jun 5, 2021.

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    Jul 9, 2020
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    Some of my designs. the second is a modification of the clichet jaguar pattern.
    • Should I sel the as commercial license NFT's?
    • Should I try to collab with Haute Couture artists for them to use my designs? Who specifically?
    • Which luxury brands or edgy fashion brands can I contact for them to buy my designs? Who specifically?
    • Should I make my own website or a printify shop and just sell clothes?
    I want my designs to be printed from 5 to 100 times, for the most profit.

    Thing is I want to design 5G apps, and startup 3Dprinted interior design overall company, but I got to start low somewhere.

    I have an ecological mindset and I am a musician also.

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