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    Young designer in the picture: Harvey Bouterse
    Dutch designer Harvey Bouterse (23) was born in Rotterdam and has South-American roots and a partly German mother. He moved to Antwerp at age 18, to join pattern-company Troi Quarts where he worked at the cutting table, cutting the patterns for Belgian designers. Here he came in contact with a lot of designers, including Wim Neels, for whom he did production for a couple of seasons. This gave him the experience he needed from the production and selling sides of fashion. Creatively Harvey already had a lot of experience by doing presentations and shows back in Holland, for example The Hague Dresscode, Rotterdam Moha, Utrecht and Amsterdam, where he also worked part-time after school as a window dresser for several boutiques. After doing production he did freelance work for Christian Wijnants, making patterns and to earn some extra cash, Harvey helped out Antwerp Academy students with their collections.

    After this he started to work for designer Veronique Branquinho, where he's still working as a full-time production assistant. Working in several bars and clubs at the same time, he saved enough money to launch his first womens ready-to-wear collection HRVI in November 2003 (spring-summer '04) and a fall-winter collection in August 2004. Not only are his clothes highly casual and wearable, but with his South-American roots and his love of nature Harvey puts in small details and plays with forms, experimenting with combining different styles and fabrics, keeping it elegant and feminine at the same time. Now busy designing his first men's collection for the winter of '05,
    Harvey's background as a dancer is a great inspiration for the coming season.

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