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Discussion in 'Shop Till You Drop' started by eugenius, May 18, 2014.

  1. eugenius

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    Feb 2, 2005
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    Does anybody have one? Do you actually buy the items you add? (For me, yes, and no.)

    Nick Cave: Meet Me At The Center of the Earth.
    Tim Walker: Story Teller.
    Dries Van Noten: the book from his recent Paris exhibit.
    Tom Ford: that book (which has been there since '04).
    Pierre et Gilles: Double Je, '76-'97.
    Brite Smile Whitening Pens :D

    Just a small sample of mines. I wonder what it'll look like once Christmas rears its ugly head again.
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  2. Chanelcouture09

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    Feb 20, 2009
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    Mines partially had a clearing out after a large order/clear out of things I know I won't buy - they're just all books.

    Tom of Finland: Bikers v. II:2 (25)

    M to M of M/M (Paris)

    The Hermés Scarf: History & Mystique

    Deluxe: How Luxury Lost it’s Lustre

    The Big Penis Book 3D
  3. softgrey

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    Jan 28, 2004
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    been boycotting amazon for a couple of years now...
    don't miss it at all...

    they are too big and creating a monopoly and it's just dangerous...
    making it impossible for any small business to compete...
    treating their staff like dirt...
    paying no taxes...

    there are street protests happening in NYC right now because they are planning to open a shipping center there...
    apparently the city is basically paying them to move there by giving them huge tax breaks and such when small businesses don't get any of that...
    people are pissed off! Even elected officials are joining in the protests~!

    the hardest part for me is to avoid Whole Foods because they opened one by me and put the other grocery stores that had been there for YEARS out of business...
    so freaking annoying...
  4. eugenius

    eugenius Well-Known Member

    Feb 2, 2005
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    I really don't buy much on Amazon. I know it's cheaper, but when I see something I want, I want it now, not 4 days later. Plus, with the million items to buy on Amazon, I feel like I can spend hours and hours browsing, but only coming up w, like, 1 pack of teeth-whitener pens.

    Now what to watch on Amazon Prime, that's a different story :smile:
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