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    I've been a beauty addict since I was a child with my nose stuck inside the pages of VOGUE, Bazaar, Mademoiselle, allure etc.

    Due to the overall decline in magazine quality, along with the often trite,click-batey, non-educational 'journalism' of today completely devoid of insightful, creative beauty reporting, my interest has waned. Also I know what works and stick with my core daily products. Often I find the counter/display units and schematics more intriguing than the actual products. However, I still enjoy perusing the drugstore or department store displays for current cosmetics campaigns concepts.

    ~ What are the current beauty trends you've observed recently or within the past few years?

    ~ Favorite trends from bygone eras?

    ~ Emerging trends, concepts or products you'd like to see become more widely available?

    Some recent beauty trends. Most of these taking off thanks to the prevalence of social media. These are just general 'trending' marketing buzzwords which appear to overlap and/or are used interchangeably.

    ~"Indie" Make-up brands

    ~ Cool/Neutral/Warm or more recently "OLIVE" skintone designations

    ~ Archival product revivals (urban decay, physican's formula)

    ~ Goth/Alternative unconventional color schemes

    ~Galactic/Space multi-dimensional finishes


    ~Color Correcters


    ~ Dewy, glossy or 'glass' skin

    ~Multi-purpose beauty products

    ~Sensitive skin/fragrance free skincare. Everybody seems to have sensitive skin these days.

    ~Beauty blogger & social media beauty still lifes shot against distracting/busy patterned backgrounds or magazine spreads :innocent:.

    ~More expansive, inclusive foundation ranges from many cosmetics companies with Dior being the latest.

    ~ As far as emerging trends I fully support is the concept of "Matte Highlighters". Benefit came out with a spin-off of their popular Dandelion liquid highlighter called Shy Beam. However, the shade and color is realistically only suitable for fair skin tones and the highlighting effect is courtesy the small flecks of glitter. So the Matte Highlighting claim is misleading. I'd say some of the ultra subtle powders from MUFE's Artist Face color line would fit this description though.

    ~ I'd like to see foundations, concealers, etc that don't turn ashy. IMO contrary to popular belief, ashiness is an undertone issue not the lightness or darkness of the shade. In my experience even too light, or medium shades can turn ashy on the skin. I've been using a neon food dye set with yellow and green to counteract the grey tones in my not so perfect foundation shades and this helps considerably. Not perfect undertone correction but the difference is amazing.

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