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Discussion in 'The Beauty Cupboard' started by gruveechik, Oct 20, 2004.

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    Feb 9, 2004
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    Has anyone tried Ben Nye cream foundation?
    If yes, do you have any info. re: ingredients?
    Even if you don't have info. re: ingredients, i'd love your feedback on the foundation.

    i've googled for the ingredients in the cream foundations, but no luck.
    Imperative that foundation doesn't have: retinyl palmitate/benzephenone/octyl methoxycinnamate.

    With the benzephenone (er.. may be spelling it wrong) and the octyl bla-bla
    i used to have perfect skin tone (ah - how pride can get you kicked in the butt)
    until 10yrs ago when i tried a sunblock w/ those ingredients and 6 LAYERS of SKIN turned into a rash, over and over, darkened, peeled off, and i've been left with super-pigmented blue/black patches just above my cheeks. :cry:

    Just wanted to share the story of why i'm so picky about those ingredients.
    i think the newer products that have those ingredients may not have such strong amounts, but if i accidentally have it on, i'll get a reaction w/in one week.

    Anyhoots, if anyone's used Ben Nye, i'd love a shout.


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