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    In which Yale Breslin meets a series of tastemakers, influencers, opinion-formers. This week, stylist and fashion director Carlos Nazario.

    Photograph by Sam Rock.

    Stylist Carlos Nazario’s humbling professional beginnings can be summed up nicely in his own words – “a Puerto Rican kid from New York with no ties to the industry goes on to live in Europe and be embraced by this rarified world of high fashion and glamour”. Embraced he was. Now he is one of today’s most progressive stylists, helming the style direction of men’s fashion bible Fantastic Man while continuing to infuse all the sartorial projects he takes on and fashion pages he helps bring to life with a hint of street, wit, edge and glamour. His point of view is more than just refreshing – it’s necessary – and with each page he styles, he continues to change the game.

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    Fantastic Man shoot styled by Carlos Nazario
    You were born and raised in New York City. What were you like as a teenager? I have a feeling you spent some time getting into trouble...
    I was quite precocious, curious, rebellious, street-smart and completely fearless. Like most teenagers, I was led by two opposing forces – my family, who envisioned a successful but more traditional life for me, and my inner self, who knew that I wanted to pursue a life of adventure, exploration and creativity. I didn’t yet know exactly what that life would be comprised of. However, my curiosity for the ‘other’ led me to my extended group of friends, a motley crew of young artists and creatives-in-the-making. We spent all of our time downtown, yes, getting into trouble but also discovering – the city, boundaries, our sexuality, our own points of view.

    It seems like you were never one to sit still. You dropped out of college after two weeks and made your way to Paris. What was it about Paris at the time that you were drawn to?
    During my senior year in high school, it became clear to me that college was not going to be my next step. I felt I needed to be out in the world doing and seeing rather than reading and studying about what other people had done and seen. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to learn, I just wanted to learn on my own terms. I felt I needed space to figure it out, away from my family, friends, boyfriend and the NYC scene. Paris represented everything I wanted to be. I had never been and I didn’t know a soul there, but I knew it’s where I should be.

    From there, at 20 years old, you bounced over to London. Tell me a little bit about some of the most exciting projects you worked on during this time?
    My first job there was working at Love magazine, I had always been obsessed with magazines, so to have such a hands-on role at one of my favourites was a dream come true. During that time, I did a bit of styling for up-and-coming British bands and singers to make ends meet. After about two years at Love, I heard a rumour that my idol, stylist Joe McKenna, was looking for a new first assistant. I started working with him a week later.
    You spent over five years as Joe’s assistant. What did you learn about yourself while working with him?
    He pushes everyone around him to work at their absolute highest level and is completely committed to every project he takes on. He taught me so much about life, work, how to operate as a small business owner and an independent contractor, how to sharpen my vision and help craft a picture. He has the most discerning eye and watching him work taught me to have a similarly high standard.

    If you had to choose one project during this time that you feel had the most personal and professional influence on you, what would it be?
    Certainly working with people who had inspired me from the beginning; true masters of their craft like Azzedine Alaïa, Jil Sander, Donatella Versace, Stefano Pilati and David Sims, was hugely influential. To watch the complete dedication and the level of expertise with which they approached their work really shaped me. I think once you come to understand how special something can be when you really put everything into it, anything less seems like a wasted opportunity.

    In terms of print magazines, you’ve found the Holy Grail – becoming the fashion director of style bible Fantastic Man. How did this experience come about?
    When I first started working on my own, Jop and Gert were some of the first people to commission me. They asked me to style a portrait sitting with my best friend, Shayne Oliver, shot by Wolfgang Tillmans. I had this idea to shoot Shayne dressed as the different aspects of his personality. So in one photo he was the businessman dressed in a suit and tie, in another he was the boss lady dressed in Céline and so on. This began our working relationship. They were quietly looking for a new fashion director, so everything just kind of fell into place.

    What are some of your favourite brands? Why?
    I love clothes that are exquisitely considered, beautifully made and rigorously modern. I have an obsession with craftsmanship. Raf Simons, Dries van Noten, Calvin Klein and Prada are some of my go-tos, both to wear and to shoot.

    Let’s talk a little bit about your personal style. How would you define it?
    In general I stay away from overly fussy clothes. I also love proportion play and interesting fabrications. I live quite an active lifestyle so comfort and functionality are paramount in my personal choices. Being from New York, I have always been a big sportswear buff – hoodies, jeans, sneakers; but I also like to convey a sense of chic and something a bit classic, so I tend to wear a lot of tailoring as well. I typically mix it all together in one outfit.

    When it comes to getting dressed in the morning, what are some of your go-to wardrobe staples that you default to?
    Basically, I like to look elegant and feel comfortable. A quintessential Carlos look can be comprised of an oversized hoodie, jeans cropped just above the ankle, a pair of lace up oxford shoes and an oversized double-breasted tweed overcoat, all of which are my go-tos.

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    Land of the Free

    Photographer: Daniel Jackson
    Stylist: Carlos Nazario
    Hair: Didier Malige
    Makeup: Diane Kendal
    Cast: Gigi Hadid

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    US Vogue Digital Edition

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