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  1. Mr-Dale

    Mr-Dale Unveil Yourself....

    Jun 29, 2004
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    Just a small reminder for everyone to credit their pictures. Do not forget it, otherwise they will be deleted.

    • Search engines are not a valid source for your pictures. If you find a picture through e.g. Google, then post the source of the website that Google found for you.
    • Another tFS thread is not a valid source for your pictures. If you post a picture from another thread, please post the original credits and also name the orginal poster.
    • If you post a scan or a photo that you took, do not forget to mention that it is yours. If you post a scan, please mention the magazine and issue where you found it.
    • Do not post pictures from your files if you have forgotten the original source. They will be deleted. In order to avoid this, you could try to save a picture with the source included in the file name.
    • When a picture has a tag or a watermark with the source, that will be considered a credit, as long as the tag or watermark can be clearly read. Tags from photo hosting websites such as PhotoBucket don't count, of course.
    • When using a photo hosting website you must still post the source where you originally got the picture. This also counts for scans and personal photos. See above.
    • Regarding number of images allowed per post: You can post 10 images per post OR 15 thumbnails. 15 thumbnails is the max.
    • If you have information about the date and the name of the event, please post it, such as picutres from a fashion show ... please name the season and the designer.
    • Facebook private pictures or any private picture from any social network may be removed without any further explanation.
    • This goes for every thread in Supporting Cast. Including the Model ID thread.
    Small sidenote: If you are a poster with over 200 posts, we as moderators take it that you are familiar with this policy, which means that any uncredited pictures will be deleted immediatly. When you have 200 or less posts you will be reminded of the policy by a post in the particular thread or by a personal message. If you then still manage to forget to post the source, all uncredited pictures will still be deleted.

    Thanks :flower:

    Futher information regarding the of crediting images:
    Crediting Rules: posting the source/credits for an image, article or news story
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  2. BetteT

    BetteT Mod Squad Team Leader

    Jan 22, 2003
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    Update ... regarding ISIFA images: We have just been notified that any images taken from their site and posted here are in violation of their copyrights. Please do not post pictures from ISIFA.
  3. tFS Mod Squad

    tFS Mod Squad Moderator Bot

    Nov 28, 2005
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    Updated Posting Guidelines – Please Read

    In addition to the Community Rules, please note the following Posting Guidelines applicable to the Supporting Cast Forum:
    • We encourage contributing and participation. Use your judgment when posting just smilies or responses with few words that do not add to the discussion. Nothing wrong with occasionally giving thanks or agreeing but if this is all you are frequently posting, please consider "liking" the post, instead.
    • Dialog is important to our community and we want our members to interact but please limit an overabundance of back and forth "chatting" that is more suited for Profile Comments or Private Messaging.
    • Criticism is welcome but continual negativity is not.
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  4. mariemaud

    mariemaud Active Member

    Jan 5, 2006
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    *Please read before starting a new thread*

    To all members:

    When starting a new thread on a model, we ask to provide a minimum of information, as well as a minimum of involvment in the thread from your side, both to guarantee the relevance of the thread.
    So, before taking the decision to open a new model's thread, please be sure to provide the following information in #1 of any new thread
    • For ethical reasons, the forums don't allow threads for models whose age is under 14.
    • The model must be signed with at least one agency and so we require at least one agency to be mentionned.
    • We ask you to post a minimum of 4 pictures when those are available on the agency's website or on the website that introduced you the model. If not, we ask you to complete the thread as soon as the pictures are available. *
    • We ask you to provide the measurements of the model if available in the agency's website or on the website that introduced you the model. If not, we ask you to complete the thread as soon as the measurements are available.*
    • We ask you to state your own opinion on the model that will explain to us why you decided to open this thread
    * If you cannot provide the required info, please mention in your post that they are not available yet.

    Thank you in advance for adhering to these rules.
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  5. larien

    larien at the irish pub

    Dec 7, 2005
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    Announcement: Please do not hotlink photos from Fashion Week

    As all of us know, the fashion weeks are coming. Most of us are excited about seeing new shows and our favourite models walking down those runways again. In the hurry of being the first one to share the latest photos, most of them are being hotlinked.

    Hotlinking (linking directly to the site where you find the photo) may seem the easiest way but the photos disappear very quickly leaving a red X (a dead link). To prevent this, please take some time and upload photos that you're going to post.

  6. mariemaud

    mariemaud Active Member

    Jan 5, 2006
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    UPDATE, please note before starting a new thread

    For ethical reasons, the forums don't allow threads for models whose age is under 14 .
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  7. Psylocke

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    Dec 1, 2009
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    Update: Please also refrain from posting showlists in a model's thread before all the shows in one city have ended. Thank you.
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