How Many Pairs Of Shoes Do You All Own?

Discussion in 'Shoes, Shoes, Shoes' started by lilac_wine, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. lilac_wine

    lilac_wine New Member

    Jan 5, 2003
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    I was cleaning out my closet earlier (always a job that takes a couple of days :innocent: ) and rearranging my shoes, I thought it might be fun to ask everyone how many pairs of shoes they own and what kind of shoes that may be.

    So here's my list:
    - black low dr. Martens
    - black globe sneakers
    - ancient adidas sneakers that were blue in a previous life, but after years of wearing them are now a charming grey-blue with paint-stains on them. I still love them though.
    - Teva sandals, not very elegant but really comfy for taking long walks, I’ve had them for 4 years and they are still not worn out!
    - dark brown leather strappy flat sandals that have been in my possession for about 5 years
    - cream Audley slingbacks with a 5 cm. heel
    - the measuring tape sandals I posted before (under 'I bought new shoes-what do you measure')
    - black ballet type flats with 6 elastic 'mary jane' straps
    - black army boots :ninja: that I bought about 6 years ago and haven't worn in about 3 years because I don't like the army-message that they send out
    - sky blue flip flops
    - black cotton chinese mary jane type house-shoes
    - black wool house shoes for the winter
    - limegreen pumps, hideous as hell, but I wore them in a play in highschool and just to look at them makes me remember the good times I had :blush:
    - black nike's for gymclass in highschool (never worked out since B) )

    God I wish I was rich so I could buy more shoes :rolleyes:
    I may have forgotten some, but that's my humble list. Now share yours!
  2. Leonie

    Leonie New Member

    Jun 26, 2003
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    I own around 150 pair of different shoes... :innocent:
  3. Caramel

    Caramel Active Member

    Jun 14, 2002
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    I'll list the ones I can remember, but I don't think it's very interesting, no fancy designer shoes or anything... :blush:

    - Dark brown leather trainers
    - Rainbow stripey converse shoes (my new :heart: )
    - Beige and red converse sneakers
    - Black leather ballet flats
    - Black strappy 4-inch stilettos
    - Gold strappy stillettos (my favourite pair, they used to be my grandmother's)
    - Gold flat strappy sandals
    - Olive green suede loafers (look like little elf shoes! :lol: )
    - White slip-in shoes
    - Dark blue slip-in shoes
    - Dark blue 'boxing' shoes (impulse buy, I hate them and have never wore them :yuk: )
    - Black knee-length boots
    - Deep red ankle stilletto boots
    - Black high Dr.Martens
    - Leather/white walking thong sandals
    - Leather flip-flops
    - 'Roman' leather flat sandals
    - Dark brown flat strappy sandals
    - Beige mules
    - Black high heeled strappy sandals
    - Black slip-in sandals
    - Dark grey flat strappy sandals
    - Wedges with dark leather straps ( :sick: )
    - Black loafers (almost never worn, they're not very 'me')
    - Black trainers
    - Red New Balance trainers
    - White with pink flowers converse lookalike shoes
    - Red high heeled strappy sandals with white trim (super-cute!)
    - Turquoise ballet slippers with dark blue embroidery
    - A collection of rubber flip-flops, including stripey ones, turquoise, red, pink, black...
    - Tan ankle boots
    - 3 pairs of chunky winter shoes from ART, a necessity for winter here.
    - Black strappy wedges ( Bought the last time wedges were cool, and I was young and stupid! :yuk: )
    - Black Nike aerobic shoes...needless to say they haven't been worn much by me... :innocent:
    - My beloved old old dark blue and white Puma sneakers :heart:

    These are the ones I can remember that I have in the apartment (wish I had much much more :innocent: )...I usually give away trainers and other 'everyday' shoes to my sister when I get tired of them, or else I wouldn't have enough room.
  4. jules

    jules New Member

    Aug 8, 2002
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    -(Four year old falling apart but still in tact) gray Puma sneakers (they've stopped making them! :cry: )
    -Light/medium brown square toe wooden soled flat maryjane-ish shoes, made by Miu Miu, I found them in a second hand store, so they were not very expensive!
    -Black flat maryjane shoes with two bunjee cord straps and gold-colored fastenings
    -An assortment of black, pink, and white, leather and canvas ballet slippers with suede bottoms that I got from the place I used to work! You pull the elastic strings at the front so they scrunch up and you tie them in a bow!

    :smile: So I guess in total, it makes about...oh...3 real shoes, 6 if you count the slippers!
  5. HBoogie

    HBoogie Procrastinator.

    Mar 9, 2003
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    this is all I can think of off the top of my head but there are more...

    *light blue suede dirty velcro Gola sneakers
    *black leather "retro" Saucony running sneakers
    *tan suede and white NM70 sneakers (once had sequined stripes but I had to take off all the sequins)
    *brown suede slip-on shoes, not really loafers but more like a Clarks Wallaby-inspired shoe
    *black pointy-toed flats with big silver buckle on toe
    *hot pink round-toe flats with big button on toe
    *black rubber Old Navy flip-flops
    *black mock-croc flip-flops
    *red sequined Chinese slippers
    *black sequined Chinese slides that won't stay on my feet! (I've been meaning to donate these)
    *basic black calf-length, mid-height heel, pointy-toe black boots from Nine West
    *10-eyelet black Dr. Martens boots
    *black calf-length "sporty" boot from Nine West
    *tan flat suede sandals I wear to work everyday
    *white faux Dr. Scholls sandals that I used to wear to work
    *grey camouflage print slip-on sneakers from GapKids (like the old-school Vans boat shoe style)
    *turquoise blue kitten heel pumps, customized with gold paint slashes on the toes
    *bronze-colored kitten heel pumps with ruched detail on toe
    *brown pointy-toe quasi-cowboy boots with ruched front
  6. Astrid21

    Astrid21 New Member

    Sep 4, 2002
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    Lime green pumps sound great, Lilac_Wine. :blush: I just passed on a pair of Prada ones on ebay. I should have bid on them. :doh:

    My list

    Black Helmut Lang ankle boots
    Black Banana Republic knee-lenth canvas/leather riding boots
    Black SFA pointy ballerina flats
    Black Helmut Lang pumps
    Black 4" Galliano corset pumps (They hurt. :cry: )
    Black Narciso Rodriguez round-toe pumps
    Black Issac pumps
    Black Pearl River Mart slippers
    Black Yohji Yamamoto round-toe slip-ons
    Black Old Navy flip-flops (They are so inexpensive and last for while. I load up.)
    Black Prada Sport toggle loafers
    Black Prada obi flat sandals
    Black Banana Republic suede flip-flops
    Black Tod's Driving Mocs
    Black Converse Chuck Taylors
    Black and White checkerboard Vans
    White Pierre Hardy pointy flats
    White Old Navy flip-flops
    White Converse Chuck Taylors
    White rubber chef shoes
    Gray suede Converse Chuck Taylors

    I often trade shoes w/my aunts, so I never really buy for myself. :lol:
  7. charlottesometimes

    charlottesometimes retro queen

    Feb 19, 2003
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    I've got way too many, but the ones I wear regularly are:-

    Nike cross-trainers (for gym)
    Nike cortez (for the lab)
    Black Converse one stars (for the lab)
    Red suede runners (for the lab)
    Black leather mary janes
    Pale blue suede mary janes
    Grey fabric mary janes
    Black lace-up boots x 3
    Black zip-up boots x 3 (different heels, toes, lengths etc. :blush: )
    Camel suede knee-high boots
    Pink high-heeled ankle boots (from the 80s)
    Pink Kitten-heeled sandals
    The same pair in Turquoise
    Pink snake-skin Country Road heels
    Blue leather Country Road thongs
    White Prada sandals (bought OS)
    Flat black pointy toes
    Rust 40s style t-bar heels
    Black satin embroidered round toe ankle-strap heels
    Vintage 60s pointy sling-backs
    Black & red beaded kitten-heeled thongs
    Black kitten-heeled thongs with shells
    Black pointy ankle-strap heels
    Black knee-high ugg-boots
    Cherry docs 8 hole (they were a gift and I can't get rid of them even tho' I'm really too old to wear them :blush: )

    Lots more in boxes that I've forgotten about...hubby says I have about 60 pairs ( :o surely not! :lol: )
  8. LLaura

    LLaura New Member

    Jul 13, 2002
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    At least 30 pair that I like and wear. I just bought some new Michael Kors that I am in love :heart: with.

    I clean my shoes out regularly and throw the old stuff away.
  9. ignitioned32

    ignitioned32 Mannikin

    May 20, 2003
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    Okay for you guys I cleared it out to take a look and count:

    -Open-toe YSL Rive Gauche booties
    -Christian Louboutin Satin Ballerina Slingbacks
    -Cacharel Suede Sandals with Hearts
    -Roger Vivier (Vintage) Coutr Shoes
    -Perugia (Vintage) Silver Sandals
    -Marc Jacobs Patent-Leather Mary Janes in Black
    -Marc by Marc Jacobs Canvas Sneakers
    -Marc by Marc Jacobs Nina Polka Dot Stilletos
    -Narciso Rodriguez Spectator Pump
    -Chloe Multi-Strap Sandals
    -Chloe Leather Strappy Sandals
    -Chloe Suede Knee-High Boots

    These are not all . . . some are here, there . . . everyhwere but here are some of my faves! :wink:
  10. HBoogie

    HBoogie Procrastinator.

    Mar 9, 2003
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    I forgot my hot pink Paul Frank monkey motif flip-flops and a pair of black with white detailing sport-inspired kitten-heeled mules.
  11. utopia

    utopia ingenue

    Jul 15, 2002
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    I'm going to try and remember everything, including the ones I've got in storage away at uni... :ninja:

    - 8-eye apple green dr. martens :heart: :blush:
    - 20-eye black knee-length dr. martens that my friend just gave me
    - black suede pointy-toed victorian lace-up knee boots
    - black plain knee boot with block heel
    - houndstooth patterned wellies with pink soles and "PINK" logo, special edition from thomas pink

    - black rounded-toe ballet flats from office
    - black flats with curled up pointy-toe from topshop
    - black peep-toe heels (that look like barbie-doll shoes)
    - black pointy-toed stilettos with mary-jane style ankle strap
    - black chunky heeled mary janes with thick velcro strap
    - black taffeta formal shoes with four inch heel and square toe with bow
    - white patent heeled mary janes that I got in 7 years ago and have held onto, waiting till I would eventually find something to wear with them...they're very mod
    - white and gold flats with thick horizonal stripes from perry ellis, vintage from the 1960's
    - tan penny loafers with stacked wooden heels and a horse and carriage insignia embossed on the top of the heel (if anyone knows what label this represents I'd like to know), vintage from the 1970's
    - brown heels that lace-up corset-style, vintage from the 1970's, but look 1930's

    - black leather dooney & bourke trainers with tan soles and stitching
    - white canvas keds-style trainers with thick soles...cute, but I never wear them
    - white and red puma trainers

    - white sandals with 8 horizontal straps and a low tan stacked wooden heel
    - black canvas slides with thick soles from old navy
    - black patent flip-flops
    - black flip-flop from old navy
    - turqoise sequined, pink sequined, and lavendar sequined flip-flops all from old navy
    - black and white graphic print flip-flops from H&M
    - red and white cherry print flip-flops
    - red satin chinese slippers for around the house

    as you can probably guess, I'm the world's worst packrat and have a hard time getting rid of anything. :ninja:
  12. Kelsey

    Kelsey New Member

    Sep 22, 2002
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  13. HBoogie

    HBoogie Procrastinator.

    Mar 9, 2003
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    Hermès? :shock:


    ...sounds like a fab shoe collection overall! :heart:
  14. utopia

    utopia ingenue

    Jul 15, 2002
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    ot: I don't think they're hermes... looking at them right now, the insignia looks like a horse carriage racing - a chariot or something... very odd mystery that's puzzled me since I bought them. :blink:
  15. Acid

    Acid yes

    Jun 30, 2002
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    my feet are still growing, so i cant buy too many cause i need to get new ones 6 months later :lol:

    i have 1 pair of smart black (jones)
    1 pair for running (new balance)
    1 pair for cycling (shimano)
    1 pair for travelling (reebok)
    1 pair for just confort when im shopping or walking (nike)
  16. jessica v.

    jessica v. New Member

    Aug 8, 2003
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    I've got too many...but here's some of them.
    - beige/turquoise Oxidized leather sandal by John Galliano
    - red high heel pumps with"pucci" pattern by Pucci
    - black Alexandra Neel feather high heels with open toe
    - yellow low heel pumps form Faith
    - red low heel pointy toes by Alexander McQueen
    - black high heel pumps with pointy toe by Manolo Blahnik
    - grey/pink high heel pumps with pointy toe by Terry Biviano
    - pink high heel pumps with pointy toe by Terry Biviano
    - white high heels sandals by Colette
    - orange pointy flats by Dries van Noten
    - black flats by Jil Sander
    - black leather ankle boots by Jimmy Choo
    - denim/pink Diorling high heel pointy pumps by Dior
    - brown low heels sandals with white shells by Celine
    - green pointy flats with a flounce on the side
    - black/white pointy DiorStuds pumps by Dior
    - pink low heel flats
    - red high heel evening mules with pointy toe by Glory Chen
    - pink high Chuck Taylor All Star Converse
    - red high Bandana Chuck Taylor All Star Converse
    - black/clear pointy pumps by Stella McCartney
    - red sneakers by Diesel
    - pink sneakers by Diesel
    - green sneaker by Diesel
  17. mxtine

    mxtine New Member

    May 23, 2003
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    I recently sold a bunch of shoes, so I have only 26 pairs. I have a mix of designer (usually bought on sale @ Saks or Neiman's) shoes like Gucci, YSL, Dior, and some I buy from local boutiques: Sky, some other ones I can't remember the names of. I have a couple pairs of Steve Maddens, but they are sexy little mules with nice skinny heels. Most of my shoes are black, but some are sky blue, lavender, olive green, brown, nude, gold (strappy sandals).
  18. Boudoir Belle

    Boudoir Belle New Member

    Sep 15, 2002
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    ot: I don't think they're hermes... looking at them right now, the insignia looks like a horse carriage racing - a chariot or something... very odd mystery that's puzzled me since I bought them. :blink: [/b][/quote]
    long champ?
  19. Boudoir Belle

    Boudoir Belle New Member

    Sep 15, 2002
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    here are most of my shoes :woot: -- it's easier & more fun to post a picture :P

    my favorites :heart: :heart: are the ones below, the yellow bruno magli, fushia kate spade, & camel miu miu pumps with an ankle strap :heart:

    i :heart: shoes
  20. ignitioned32

    ignitioned32 Mannikin

    May 20, 2003
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    The orange ones w/ ankle straps and the Kate Spade sandals are kinda nice. :wink:

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