Le Cas Du Sac

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    For those who are visiting or living in Paris 'Le Cas du Sac' at La musée de la mode et du textile is a must-see! This exhibition, a co-production with Hermès and a true anthology with more than 300 objects from the most diverse geographical origins, illustrates the multifaceted vocabulary and forms of handbags.


    A Dogon hunter’s bag displayed alongside that of a Papuan sorcerer, the bag of a Cameroon healer, a country doctor’s medical case, and Mongolian merchant’s bag, a sailor’s sack and shaman’s bag. They are being shown along with fashion handbags by designers such as Christian Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Martin Margiela and Moschino
    The calling card for sedentary populations on the move, the handbag is also examined in all its various incarnations, from the noblest to the most modest.

    Source: http://www.iconique.com/flash/trendnews.html

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