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Discussion in 'The Beauty Cupboard' started by squilliam, Apr 7, 2016.

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    So top make up artist (ans my person favorite) Pat McGrath is launching a make up line at the end of this year. However, she's been releasing a few products before the line fully launches. And the stuff always sells out. Right now they've only been sold online but her latest product will eventually be in select Sephora stores in May. So has anyone managed to get a hold of some of her products?
    So far she's launched:
    Gold 001(gold pigment for anything)
    Phantom 002 (eyeshadow and liner kit, but can be bought separately)
    SkinFetish 003 (skin luminizer, this will be at Sephora)
    They're pricey, but I have heard good reviews so far. So anyone tried some of her products, what are your thoughts on them, thoughts on packaging, and thoughts on her starting her own make up line?
  2. EuropeanGlamour

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    She's releasing her lip kits (Lust 004) and I think they look absolutely stunning. I'm not sure how practical they are? Once you put the glitter on, I can only imagine eating and talking would be tough; but they look really beautiful and I definitely want to get my hands on the colour Bloodwine.

    Her highlighters I wanted so bad but I missed the boat. Super sad.

    Also, NY Mag did a great story about her life and how she got into the industry if you're interested!
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    I got the Lust 004 in Flesh 2 from Sephora. I was able to get two more in different shades as pre-Christmas gifts for my younger, more make up conscious sisters. I had to scour Sephoras until I found the one that was not completely sold out. I did not get the full gift with glitter. I just got the lip stick.

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