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    Perhaps there has already been a discussion regarding her, but I havent seen it so so far this is all I really know. (Random random random :lol: ) Anyone have anything they want to add?

    JOB Fashion and accessories designer

    AGE 28

    PROVENANCE Derby, by way of north London

    ACHIEVEMENTS IN 2003 Having worked for Marc Jacobs, Turner produced a debut collection that was so loved, Dazed & Confused turned it into a whole exhibition

    PROSPECTS FOR 2004 “I’m spending the first few hours in an airport lounge in Bangkok.” After that, her hugely anticipated show at London Fashion Week and a probable second collection of her eponymous line of bags for TopShop

    HOME LIFE Watching EastEnders, “though my own life is a combination of Coronation Street and Absolutely Fabulous”

    NIGHT LIFE Great Yarmouth, Las Vegas ... anywhere for a rockabilly weekender. “It’s how I got into fashion — when I was young, I couldn’t find the clothes for it”

    FIRST PAY CHEQUE “I bought yellow shoes”

    IDOL “It’s funny in fashion, because you tend to meet your idols. I worked for Vivienne Westwood, whom I’ve always loved. When I met her, she lowered her glasses and said: ‘Sally, how on earth do you do your hair?’”

    LOVES “America. It’s so surface. The look of it is what it’s all about”

    HATES “Flies that come in when you have the window open with the light on”

    AMBITION “My work is so informed by music and film. I’d love to do really cult work, like design for a David Lynch film. I think that there is more to what I do than selling clothes”

    SUCCESS “It means I have the best handbags”
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    any pictures?

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