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    As we are coming to the end of the noughties, I have been thinking about fashion in the noughties. Most other decades have a few fashions that stick out in your mind. I am finding it quite hard to think about what fashions the noughties will be remembered for. I think there has been a lot of re invention of fashions from previous decades and quite a lot of new innovation. I think there has been a marked change from the beginning of the noughties (following fashions) to the end of the noughties (being different) Here are some of what I will remember of fashion in the noughties.

    The sheep like following of some quite strange fashions- Ugg Boots, Harem pants?

    Boho, boho and more boho

    The fashion influence of SATC

    Designer Bags and the obession with having the latest IT bag regardless of affordability

    Designer High Street ranges - there has been far too many of them to list, but this really brought designer clothes to the masses.

    skinny jeans


    vintage clothes have become mainstream. High street shops are even lauching their own vintage inspired ranges.

    Towards the end of the decade, it became cool to be different. Sites like Etsy encouraged us to seek out our own looks.

    The influence of the fashion blog - they perhaps haven't taken over from magazines but have become very influential.

    Would be really interested to hear anyone elses thoughts on what the noughties was to them in terms of fashion and style.
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    I think the first season of Gossip Girl's fashion had the same influence for teenagers that Sex and the City had for adults. I would add that.

    The fashion blog is also really important. Sites like The Sartorialist and Garance Dore have become very iconic.

    There's also 'Indie' attire which includes one of the items you mentioned, skinny jeans. I think skinny jeans will be like flares and the 70s. It will be something that is instantly linked with the noughties.

    Let's not forget chav attire. The famous Burberry plaid trademark savagely ruined by common low-lifes. :sick: In the 90s, tracksuits were seen as cool. Not any more.

    I think the style from this decade is a lot more distinctive and distinguished than people think.

    EDIT: A few more...


    Revivals, revivals, revivals. Everything was revived. From the 70s to the 80s to the 90s! That links with the vintage one, too.
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    I agree. i think this decade has been far more distinctive in terms of newness than it was in the 90's.

    and there were some quite revolutionary things that happened-

    i think the two things that stick out for me is the approach of recycling and re-working. i know people will say margiela started it way back in the early 90's and this is true but it wasn't till the early 00's we saw this become something quite revolutionary and new that permeated with more and more designers. MMM continued on that path first with his main-line before being sucked into diesel world,then it became more influential as he started artisanal. also,we saw designers like Miguel Adrover(transformed burberry trenches,ticking used from quentin crisp's mattress etc),Imitation of Christ,Ann-Sofie Back,Libertine,Junky Styling,Victim....just a slew of independent and underground labels really utilising this approach more.

    as well,my passion.....homespun,handworked,ragamuffin,artsy craftsy loveliness. first susan cianciolo,jurgi persoons,tess giberson,seth shapiro,bruno pieters,bruce,maria chen,sophia kokosalaki,rodarte,....just to name a few.....all were a major forces in this approach.

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