Anna Wintour Wants You to Remember ‘Just How Wonderful Shopping Can Be’

Discussion in 'Shop Till You Drop' started by Hebden, Jul 19, 2009.

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    Anna Wintour has felt the effects of the recession. Men's Vogue folded, Fashion Rocks is on hiatus, Vogue's ad pages are down, and budget cuts have been enacted across Condé Nast. However, at the end of the day, she still goes home in her Oscar de la Renta, her Chanel, her Prada, her Chanel couture, and more Oscar de la Renta. Sometimes clothes are the best way to muddle through hard times — anyone who's gone shopping after a messy breakup knows that. And so she's organizing Fashion's Night Out, to take place September 10, so that regular folks remember "just how wonderful shopping can be." It's her own little economic stimulus package.

    Participating stores will stay open late and hold special events to encourage people to come in and hopefully buy new fall things. Over 300 stores in New York have signed up, as well as stores across the country and around the world.

    Shops on Avenue Montaigne in Paris and Via Della Spiga in Rome, malls in Beijing on Chang An Avenue, the DLF Emporio Mall in India, and the Kolonaki shopping area in Greece have signed up. All 40 Neiman Marcus stores are participating. Eight Macy's in New York are hosting special events. Lord & Taylor is selling the 2010 calendar of New York firefighters. Designer Alexander Wang is giving runway lessons at Barneys and then signing T-shirts at Bergdorf, which sounds divine. And many stores will probably offer light refreshment, like Champagne punch or perhaps the new Neuro beverage, which is like Vitaminwater with flavor and fizz.

    Everything sounds fantastic and we can't wait to get our shop on come the tenth of September, the first night of Fashion Week (but no added stress or pressure for anyone involved!). If only we had that little thing called money to help the stores recoup their investment in all this.

    NY Magazine - The Cut

    My first thought on reading this was that it sounded like one of those 80's fundraisers beloved by rock round this idea out she needs someone like U2 to sing "We are the world...we need to shop!" :P
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    My first thought was :woot: Fashion Rocks is on hiatus?!?! How lovely not to get a minimum of 3 copies of something I didn't want to start with ...
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    Wintour is dated and wears Prada and others like an old lady. She could use a shake out of the hair let it fly relaxxxx and wear some cool Portland designers. Put on some riding jodhpurs and go up and down in the wild. Right, shopping is the cure.. never has been, never will be, again a temporary fix to emotions or economy. A sustained feel ok, better. best is met with head on updating old files, deleting old ways of thinking and acting with new to keep up with evolution in the World. Then others find it easier to repeat the old even when failure looms. I don't see the woman who owns net-a-porter whining.. do you<?>

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