Can someone please help me with leather jacket boys sizes compared to women's sizes?

Discussion in 'Personal Style' started by StarBrite310, Mar 20, 2010.

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    I want to order a biker jacket online but the adult women XS is waaaaay too big and baggy. I had to send it back. I'd like to get one in a boys size but I'm very confused on which size to get. Of course all those online leather jacket retailers don't have the correct sizing for this particular jacket that I want.

    I'm thin, 5'7", wear a size 4-6 in women jackets (depends on the brand) and my chest is 34.

    Some 5'9" model wore this jacket on her blog and I asked her what size she had and she said boys 18.

    Only thing though is that I own two boys blazers (not leather) that fit great, one by Ralph Lauren and one vintage and they are a size 12!

    Can anyone pleaaase help me out? I don't know if maybe I should order both a 16 and 18 to see which would be better?? It's not free return shipping though so I'd rather not if I didn't have to.

    Here is that model wearing this jacket in what she says is a size 18 boys:




    What is a size 18 boys leather jacket usually equivalent to in womens? Thanks for the help :flower:
  2. softgrey

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    you have to order both sizes and try them on...
    different manufaturers will fit differently...
    so there is no easy answer here i'm afraid...

    it's worth it to just pay for rtrn shipping if you are really getting what you want and will love it....
    in my opinion..


    **Please post credits for the images you posted or they will have to be deleted...thanks!
  3. xing

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    Or you might email their help desk and ask for measurements for the shoulders, chest and length of the body if return shipping would cost you a bomb or they have bad return policies.

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