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    Hello everyone! This is my first topic to open, and im hopeing it is the right place.
    I've started working in a famous magazine here in my country (called PARA TI) and we are trying to find out about this "new" thing call Cosmetotextiles. For those who haven't heard of it, cosmetotextile is a technology merging together cosmetics and textiles through the process of micro-encapsulation. Also known as cosmetic wear.

    Its supposed to have slimming and smoothering agents, as also give you a fresh fragance to the body, and kill some bacterias from transpiration or something.
    Unfortunatly, in Argentina is not known yet, and as the best fashion magazine in the country( :P ) we want to explain our costumers what is this new innovating thing.

    So, has someone try them? (i know it sound a bit like scam, but anyway) Does anyone know something that might be interesting to read? Opinions?
    Please, it would be wonderful to hear everything you have to say about this. Plus all the info you can give (brands, prices, whatever)
    Thank you!!

    PS: i hope my english is good enough for you to understand it!

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