Elle Brazil August 2018: The last issue

Discussion in 'Magazines' started by matheus_s, Aug 8, 2018.

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    they discontinued the magazine, This is the last issue. A big loss for the editorial market in Brazil. There are 3 covers

    (Elle Brazil Instagram) / Credit

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    This is really sad, but their last cover isn't bad.
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    All the main eds and cover were shot at Amazon forest during july. I still don't know if they already knew this was the last issue, because it was a great way to end the magazine: an issue about sustainability.
    I'd love if someone could put the full eds here for you guys to see it. It was good at first, but now knowing this is the last one it became so touching. Don't forget they were also celebrating their 30 years with retrospective articles through 2018 issues, which makes all of this more bittersweet.
    Elle BR will really be missed. In the last 2 years they put together a great team with potential to do way more and keep the legacy of Brazilian fashion magazines. They were the only publication doing something comparable at some extent to what FFW!Mag did in the mid2000s/early2010s, connecting creatively with the readers and going beyond shopping and trends by being a platform for creative talents in photography, fashion and beauty and also discussing lifestyle and society through relevant topics to a broader spectrum of readers. Considering almost no one in Brazil can afford even entry-level luxury goods, magazines need to work concepts beyond "top 10 trending items of the season", more so if your public is not 40-something rich women but young adults, and Elle was doing just fine bringing relevant content and discussions.
    Let's say we here in Brazil lost our "Dazed-meets Vogue Italia". The better but unlikely turn-around this story can take is if Cláudia magazine, the only more fashion/lifestyle oriented publication left by Grupo Abril, absorves the aura of Elle and include some members of the former team (BTW, the editor of Elle has moved to Cláudia this month). And no, there's no other Brazilian publisher big enough to license the Elle brand and revive the title, because the only group with enough power to do so already own Vogue and Glamour rights.

    (Furthermore, if someone here has some interest in Brazilian fashion culture start by looking for names like Paulo Martinez, Regina Guerreiro, FFW! Magazine, Bob Wolfenson, Gui Paganini, and, obviously, Elle BR (; )
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