Famous faces of the 80s?

Discussion in 'Ad Campaigns' started by asher2789, Oct 21, 2010.

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    Hey all,

    This is my first post here - hopefully it's in the right forum. I am doing some research about the faces of fashion brands (both high and low) in the 80s - specifically, the famous spokeswomen (and/or famous models in ad campaigns) of the brands. I can't find much information and I was wondering if anyone here on tfs could point me in the right direction for my research.

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    i was born in 80 and the only thing that comes to mind is christie brinkley for cover girl and carol alt for maybelline. i don't remember the fashion models, but i remember beauty ads.
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    Hi Ashley.
    I was a teenager in the eighties & magazines where totally different back then. There where big name models but they where nameless. For example Kim Alexis and Christie Brinkley where everywhere in the early 1980s but we only found out Christie's name once she hooked up with Billy Joel and was in the movies.
    Brooke Shields was a massive icon of beauty in the 1980s due to her Calvin Klein Ad ''Nothing comes between me & my Calvin's" and her movies e.g. Endless Love & Pretty Baby.
    When I remember the 1980s the most memorable advertisment was the REVLON "Unforgetable women in the world" campaign. It was fantastic - it featured heaps of models from all over the world.
    My favourite modelsl of the time were Phoebe Cates, Elle MacPherson, Renee Simonsen and Jeny Howarth.
    One more thing- although Gia seems to be the model that is most remembered this is because of the movie that was made of her life & she is remembered retrospectively as a huge star but she was never a household name. The eighties belonged to Christy Brinkley, Jeny Howarth, Renee Simonsen & Paulina Porizkova but by 1988/89 the vogue cover of Michela Bercu & the guess campaign of Claudia Schiffer had changed the landscape & the rest is history as you know it.
    Hope that helps.

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