Fashion... In Depth Posting Etiquette (PLEASE READ BEFORE STARTING NEW THREADS)

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    • This is a discussion forum. The intent of this forum is to have a place where members may have lively discussions about various subjects pertaining to fashion. We encourage every participant to bring ideas and start threads, to offer their opinions and to explain their views about anything related to fashion.
    • This forum is a supplement to the topics offered in many of our other forums. You may bring a topic that has come up in another thread, to present it here for a more in depth discussion.
    • It's OK to quote another member from another forum to start a discussion but please PM them to let them know that you have started the new discussion so that they may participate.
    • Members may post a photo to illustrate their points but this is not a forum to share images. Remember to properly credit the image, as always.
    • Members are encouraged to offer their opinions but they must also give an an explanation for that opinion. Please bring in information to support your opinion and encourage other members to do the same.
    • Please refrain from posting quick remarks that don't add to the information in these threads. Comments such as "I love that!", ""I agree!", "I disagree." and "Not feeling that!" will be deleted if you have not offered an explanation or new information about the subject.
    • Please refrain from discussion that might be regarded as "fan talk". Speculation and discussion about the personal lives of models, celebrities or any other public person is not allowed.
    • Members are allowed a bit more freedom in this forum to discuss things that may not be mentioned in other forums. However, it must always be relevant to the topic of the thread and add important information to the discussion. The moderators reserve the right to remove any off topic or inflammatory comments, at their discretion.
    • Members may refer to political issues here, if they are directly related to the fashion world in a meaningful way.
    • Members may not make remarks that are inflammatory or denigrate any political, religious or ethnic group of people.
    • Mention of any political issues is still not allowed in any other place on the Fashion Spot.
    • Debate must always be offered in a respectful way. Failure to show respect for all other members and their opinions may result in warnings or loss of membership.
    • Members may not discuss personal issues or ask for help in this forum. Personal issues should be posted in the Heart & Soul forum. Threads about fashion schools or work and careers in the fashion biz and related issues/questions can be found in the Careers, Education and Business of Fashion forum.
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