Fate: The Winx Saga (Netflix Series)

Discussion in 'the Entertainment Spot' started by Bertrando3, Jan 30, 2021.

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    Mar 22, 2010
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    Did you guys watch the show? I LOOOOOVE it ahaha and the funny thing is that I didn't know this show growing up, I think the show was for the generation after me. Apparently it was an Italian anime called ''Winx club'' 17 years ago. The new show I would say is like a mix between Chilling Adventures of Sabrina / Harry Potter movies / Riverdale / Supernatural kinda ahaha. :rofl:


    Are you ready to discover the Otherworld? Meet us at the gates of Alfea College on January 22, 2021.

    I watched the entire 1st season in one go in one afternoon (right after watching the entire season 1 of Lupin, which I also recommend you all!!! The show revolves around ''Bloom'' and her friends who are magical fairies, they attend a magical boarding school in the Otherworld à la Harry Potter, where they must learn to master their magical powers while navigating love, rivalries and the monsters that threaten their very existence. It's a very entertaining show, there are magical powers, HILARIOUS quotes (cutthroat style ahahah), cool fights and I don't know it's very enjoyable.


    Alfea College is more than just magic. Get ready for friendship, love, rivalries, monsters, and a new journey into the Otherworld - coming January 22.

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    Source: Netflix
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    My younger sister was crazy about the original cartoon (and Mew Mew as well), I remember. I will definitely give her a heads-up about this. :smile:

    The redhead looks like Lindsay Lohan by the way.
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  3. aracic

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    Not sure she'd appreciate it, tbh. I grew up with the Winx cartoons and judging by the trailer alone, this show is nothing like the original. Not the story, not the characters, and in my opinion most unfortunately - not the fashion! If I remember correctly, one of the fairies was actually a fashion fairy or something and this show clearly ain't it lol

    If they didn't try to sell this as a Winx remake, perhaps I'd be willing to give it a chance because it does look entertaining. Now I refuse to watch it on principle hahah

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