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    is anybody else a fan of memphis, the 80s italian avant-garde design group led by ettore sottsass? memphis revolted against monochromatic post-modern design by using loud colors and bold geometric shapes. memphis produced household items (furniture, table ware, etc.) and also inspired many manufacturers to make memphis-style items.

    ^memphis style cup and plate

    ^folding chair with memphis style fabric seat

    ^poster for 1985 memphis exhibition

    ^gerard taylor brooch

    pix by me
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    i've worked with a collector of design works and he's got a bunch of Memphis and Ettore Sotsass (a lot of Ettore's work in particular). his collection is AMAZING !
    and the work of this group is fantastic !!!

    I love your cups ...
    and I think I've had similar chairs for the pool of my grandparents' beach house ... lol !
    when I was a kid I didn't made the link ... but now you say that ... I need to find these back. I had completely forgotten about 'em ...
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    huh' I was just thinking about Mr Sottsass : -) I didn't know he was the leader of Memphis.. There was a nice documentary on him on Knowledge Network a while ago.. it's very close and personal. You get to see him in his sailboat, wandering about looking for giant rocks or he is at his home (secluded in paradise it seems) and drawing odd shapes and things out in the sun.
    There were a lot of nice talks about ideas and design philosophies. What subjects he believed would be helpful to architecture and design students in their studies. Not only was the Movement he was a part of about loud colours and geometric shapes as mentioned in the OP, he also talks about use of material. How they would take a wood that reeked of luxury and place it next to cheap plastics in a chair. Or the same kind of wood, but painting over it with black and white checkers.

    Seems they had Memphis inspired prints back in spring 2006.
    This is Miu Miu, menswear. The women's had it too
    [​IMG] |

    There are also some clips on him on youtube
    I'm not sure if this is Memphis but it is by Sotssass.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    cap by gius
    There were many items like this in the documentary --I don't remember what they were for, I just know he says "it is not fine art." I think he just calls them sculpture than art. He doesn't want to call it art.
    I recorded the show, maybe I can get more pictures if I get a camera someday..

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