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Discussion in 'Personal Style' started by mesmerized, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. mesmerized

    mesmerized New Member

    Dec 27, 2003
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    top, bottom, and any special accessories (shoes, jewelry, hat, purse...etc)
    describe at least 3 combinations and show us pictures if possible. :flower:
  2. TheSoCalledPrep

    TheSoCalledPrep New Member

    Nov 30, 2003
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    Look 1:
    Tan sleeveless sweater with a large poofy neckline
    Tight jeans with an antiquey look
    Pointy-toe Tan Stiletto Boots (Nine West)
    My rabbit fur coat (!!)
    Gold hoop earrings

    Look 2:
    Black ribbed turtleneck
    Express Jeans that are tight around the hips but are very wide at the bottom
    Black chunky boots

    Look 3:
    Black suit (shoulder-padless ^_^)
    Any kind of colorful shell underneath, I usually wear a plum turtle neck, my gray Liz Claiborne silk shell, a blue cotton shirt..

    Look 4:
    Banana Republic White Cotton Shirt, with the sleeves folded back for a "breezy" appeal
    Denim capris
    Ralph Lauren leather Thong sandles
    Some kind of beaded bracelets, long ethnic-y earrings

    Wow.. I just realized there's alot of denim in there! But, those are the things I feel the best in.
  3. tott

    tott slightly dizzy

    Aug 25, 2002
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    I don't do looks, I put together whatever I have which is clean and seems to go together...
  4. soflachick

    soflachick New Member

    Jan 17, 2003
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    - Any of my Theory wool pants + cap-sleeve Marc Jacobs cashmere tees + black pointy toe David Aaron slingbacks

    - black stiletto boots by Saks + pencil black knee skirt by Tahari + cap-sleeve Marc Jacobs cashmere tees

    - Any of my Theory wool pants + button-down Mossimo shirts + Ann Taylor black heeled slides
  5. ingenue

    ingenue New Member

    Jan 14, 2004
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    Crisp white buttondown shirt with semi prepped up collar
    seven jeans
    brightly colored pucci scarf made into a thick sash- belt
    orange hermes kelly bag
    manolo blahnik orange and white ankle heels
    southsea button pearl earrings

    dust pink catherine malandrino silk chiffon shell
    brown pants
    kate spade pink and brown ponyhair slingbacks
    vintage brown roberta di camerino velvet bag
    vintage chandelier diamond earrings with cognac diamond briolette drops

    camel coat
    black turtleneck cashmere
    black wool pants
    gold (camel) colored tods
    gold 35cm hermes birkin bag
    gold hoop earrings

  6. tiffany

    tiffany Active Member

    Nov 24, 2003
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    Those shoes are so cool :woot:
  7. leyla m.

    leyla m. New Member

    Sep 22, 2002
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    i adore those new MANOLOS :woot: :heart:
  8. Alejandro

    Alejandro & R.V

    Apr 12, 2003
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    Same here... I never wear the same exact look over and over.
  9. PrinceOfCats

    PrinceOfCats Naturellement pulpeuse

    Nov 16, 2003
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    Hah, I get dressed while still under the covers and with the lights off...it's thrown together some interesting outfits in the past...
  10. ~*BabyPhat Princess*~

    Dec 17, 2003
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    Outfit 1

    Express blouse
    Forever21 pants
    steve madden boots
    with sliver earings and a necklace

    Outfit 2

    sweater with low rise jeans with my babyphat belt or a belt from Gazooks. Babyphat hoop earrings shoes my bebe shoes or reeboks

    Summer time: Capris with a top or tank top. Skirts, shorts, low rise jeans

    Fall: sweaters, jeans, boots, and tennis shoes

    Winter: Sweaters, jeans, and boots

    Spring: shorts skirts, low rise jeans, sandals, tops, tank tops jerseys, peasant blouses
  11. As You Like It

    As You Like It Proponent of Plaid

    Jan 17, 2004
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    1. Bottom: Baggy pinstriped dark-denim jeans with applied gros-grain trim on side seams.
    Top: Pea-green lace tank-top, re-embroidered with copper-color tinsel layered under camo-print crop-top waffle-weave cropped baby tee.
    hat: green felt skullcap with bunches of self-fabric daisies above either ear.
    necklaces 1. tan leather choker with brass knob-shaped beads flanking a wood bead off a beaded car-seat. 2. black/blue/purple/green irridescent seed-bead strand with small loops. 3. black/green/purple/gold/blue irridescent super-long seed bead necklace. 4. Green glass, chocolate brown wood, silver 3mm, and irridescent-seed bead strand.
    Bracelets (left wrist)Plain oval-face Timex wristwatch, black strap. Braided leather cuff with brass snap, green/silver yarn bracelet, skinny brass cuff, brass wavy bangle (right wrist) wide brass twisty cuff, copper bangle, brass/copper twist bangle, brown/green/grey/cream hemp bracelet with Fimo-clay sunflower bead.
    shoes Beat-up, worn-in Dr. Martin's oxfords, brown

    Well, I'm wearing a different shirt than the camo one, and I am wearing a vintage sheepskin vest, but the hat, the jeans, and the lace under-tank are the same, as is most of the jewelry.
    Another view

    2. Skirt medium-blue denim kilt-pleated mini held shut by copper buckles. Tiny change pocket on right hip.
    Top Brown cowl-neck skinny pullover. Red, waist-length wool peacoat with black buttons.
    TightsBrown/tan/red/grey/black stripe sweater-tights.
    shoes Beat-up, worn-in Dr. Martin's oxfords, brown.
    In hairRed, plastic old-school kiddie bow barettes

    3. Skirt Black/White/Grey plaid kilt-pleated schoolgirl miniskirt.
    Top Red top with black raglan sleeves, black velvet flocked dragon on front.
    Jacket Vintage 1970s black-and-white fish-eye doubleknit, wide-lapel, pimpin' leisure-suit leftover.
    Tights black spiderweb tights over red shimmery opaque tights.
    Red, waist-length wool peacoat with black buttons.
    hat grey/black tweed Yorkshire cloth cap.
    In Hair black/clear beaded mini clips, silver alligator clips, red plastic-over-metal Goody snap barettes.
    Shoes Black 10-eyelet men's Carolina workboots.

    4. Skirt Black/White/Grey plaid kilt-pleated schoolgirl miniskirt.
    top black spaghetti-strap tank
    JacketRed, waist-length wool peacoat with black buttons.
    TightsBlack/White/Grey argyle tights
    Shoes Black 10-eyelet men's Carolina workboots.
    Hair in pigtails, red elastics, black leather daisy clips on either side of parting.

    Oh, and here's my pink pleather skirt that I made out of pleather leftover from a Cardcaptor Sakura costume I made for a friend's daughter for Halloween. The lace top is vintage--an hand-me-down from my mom. The boots are vintage too--Bass I think.
    The skirt has chrome snaps and chrome grommets all the way around the hem and on the tops of the pockets. It is most obnoxiously pink and shiny.

    When I am not being a total hoochie mamma or punkster, I do have a nice suit that I made last winter. It is very heavy olive-green cotton flannel. The shirt I made, also, which has a mock-turtle neck and is striped in three shades of green, cream, grey, and has a few thin gold threads for good measure!.
    That's my old-man Stetson hat! The pants have six buttons trimming the front, but zip up the back. The jacket is a below-hip length double-breasted pea-coat with welt pockets set into the front princess seams. I made it.
  12. oceanharlot

    oceanharlot stories everywhere

    Jan 2, 2004
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    While I never have set outfits... I thought I'd share what I was planning on wearing in the next week with my new finds.

    Outfit for Day Shopping:
    vintage calf length rose print gauzy drawstring prairie skirt, with a raw edge on the bottom
    nude ballet shoes that I got at a dance store today
    Petite Bataeu red violet muscle tank
    filgiree chandelier earrings that my mom wore in the 70's

    Outfit for Nighttime:
    Vintage 501's that I had dyed a dark, dark blue black
    orange plunge cowl neck halter silk shirt I made a year or two ago
    Black embroidered crepe Manolo sandals
    a few strands of pearls wrapped around wrist

    Outfit for School:
    kelly green colored off the shoulder top
    Crisscross texture jeans from Delias
    Hot Pink cheesecloth-like scarf worn on hips (bought in Bali, so I can never wash it, the color bleeds like mad they told me)
    chunky aquamarine necklace by Chan Luu
    kelly green Marc Jacobs slingbacks

    Outfit for Date:
    blue violet crepe hankercheif skirt
    coral silk camisole that I basted bits of matching lace cut off from some vintage french lingere on the neckline
    Marc Jacob mary janes in Bark
    Floral print velvet blazer
    coral drop earrings
  13. Little_Girly

    Little_Girly New Member

    Jun 14, 2002
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    Look 1 (for lazy sundays)

    all star t-shirt (usually worn over a long sleeved t-shirt)
    converse trainers
    casual 'joggers'
    'custard' baseball cap

    Look 2 (sexy saturdays)

    lime green cashmere top
    black leather skirt (not too short .... keep them guessing!)
    diamond necklace (had this for years)
    black fitted fur (rabbit) coat
    black leather gloves (weather depending)

    Look 3 (mon - fri work days)

    smart suit (favourate 1 is a D&G black one)
    my walking coat (which I bought the other day in the sales!!! - reduced by $500 - gotta show you....)
    plain white shirt (makes you look clean and crisp)
    gucci watch

  14. stylegurrl

    stylegurrl New Member

    Dec 29, 2003
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    I am a thrift/vintage junkie and enjoy finding one-of-a-kind things to wear. My look changes according to my mood and I refuse to be a slave to trends or labels. I have become a master of finding bargains.

    Some examples:

    Balenciaga-like tapestry vest $3
    hand crocheted pullover vest with a v-neck $5
    beige tailored trench coat for $2 :heart:
    black chiffon dress with metallic embroidery and jeweled buttons $10
    black suede knee-length boots $8
    black cashmere mock turtleneck $15
    Chloe-like green quilted jacket with patchwork trim $7
    long black velvet coat with faux-fur collar and sleeve trim $10
    pink puff-sleeve trench coat $2
    black silk velvet puff sleeve evening jacket with sequined collar and sleeve trim $10
    vintage Betsey Johnson royal stewart plaid mini dress $15
    hand beaded/sequined top in the shape of a butterfly $5 (it weighs about 3-4 lbs and was made in India)

    Every once in a while I buy a designer piece at a sample/warehouse sale and throw it in the mix.
  15. tiffany

    tiffany Active Member

    Nov 24, 2003
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    that sounds brilliant - my dressing technique changes from day to day, it's a bit schizophrenic really
  16. chanel_girl

    chanel_girl Melody Nelson

    Nov 16, 2003
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    For wearing around the house: my trusty versace caftan.For formal things: A slinky red valentino pary dress.For sleeping:Christian Lacroix underwear.For work: A chanel suit or something.For casual wear:YSL cherry heels and dior FW cocktail coat
  17. Dreamer

    Dreamer New Member

    Aug 23, 2003
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    my favorite outfit has to be:

    mustard yellow prada pants
    white 3/4 length sleeve dolce&gabbana dress shirt
    brown v neck sweater
    brown ferregamo loafers
    michael kors sunglasses

    but I rarely get to wear it :blush:
  18. mesmerized

    mesmerized New Member

    Dec 27, 2003
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    White Abercrombie & Fitch tshirt
    miss sixty wide legs, light wash jeans
    puma trainers

    pale pink halter neck
    denim knee length skirt
  19. softgrey

    softgrey flaunt the imperfection

    Jan 28, 2004
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    audrey, jackie and grace would approve... :flower:

    you dress like a real grown-up woman, very elegant...

    thanks to everyone for sharing...this is a good thread
  20. faust

    faust New Member

    Jan 28, 2004
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    I like wearing quality comfortable clothing that is not screaming look at me, but that will catch the interest of those who pay attention to fabric, cut, detail and crafmanship. The Belgians come closest to that look - Ann, Dries, Raf, Margiela, etc...

    A very representative piece of such a look is my favorite piece right now - the black fine-wool pants by Ann Demeuelemeester with two adjustable straps across the back of each leg below the knee (to make the pants fit looser or tighter to my liking) and drawstrings on the bottom (in case I want to tuck them into my boots).

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