RPattz vs CLove

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    When a crazed Twitard broke into The Sun's offices and published a bullshi* story about Robert Pattinson being the frontrunner to play Kurt Cobain in a Nirvana biopic, Courtney Love responded by saying that he's the wrong b*tch for the role. The Daily Mirror asked RPattz about this and his sparkles turned to hot smoke. b*tch got mad and pulled out his shank (aka a Twidildo that has been whittled down by a Twitard with a vagina that don't quit).

    "Sometimes these things just appear. I love Nirvana, but I love them a bit too much – I’d be embarrassed. And you see all these comments, like from Courtney Love, saying ’What the fuc*! He’s totally wrong for it’, and I’m like, ’I fuc*ing said no, you dick!’ I didn’t get offered it. For one thing, I’m too tall, and I can’t sing like him, I’m nothing like him!’ It’s ridiculous."

    Is there room in the next Twilight movie for a deranged hyena woman with mange who lives under the school bleachers and attacks vampires by forcing them to read her Twitter rants? Because a Courtney Love/RPattz battle needs to be documented in HD!

    But seriously, RPattz needs to show the seasoned crackie some respect! Courtney has had the sparkles for much longer than RPattz. Yes, she first got her sparkles from passing out face first into a pile of coc**ne, but still!
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