Secrets of High Fashion buying, for TFS shopaholic

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    Hey Y'all, TFS members! I wanna share something new in this thread, something you desperately need and something extremely useful if you have shopping obsession.^_^

    I am currently studying in a city, I am amazed by how cheap those luxury goods are in the city comparing with the price tags listed at brand's US/EU/UK boutiques and major boutiques...We usually think that the best shopping strategy is to buy stuff from where it's made, such as: buy Vuitton in Paris, buy Burberry in UK, etc. However, it doesn't always make sense.:flower:

    Price tags of the same FENDI blouse from Fall 2010 runway collection:
    Neiman/Saks' online shop: $2190
    Boutique from my city: $1154:blink::blink::blink::blink:

    See how much those classic boutiques squeeze out from our pockets? It's so hilarious!
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