High Fashion Customer's Behavior Nowadays

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    I have the ideia for this thread reading this article on WWD:

    Source: What Consumers Want: Gucci, Sneakers, Brand Collabs

    So what y'all think? This behavior is something that the costumers always wanted, but never did it because before fashion was not 'democratic' they were scared of the fashion world as a whole or this is the result of the trend culture/logomania and when its over people will stop to look up for high end brands?

    IMO fashion can and you survive as a industry dont matter what the reason behind the costumer intentions and actions, they found a way to sell x100 more than 10 years ago, BUT its a auto-pilot mode where is very hard for something creative emerge and etc, thing that most everyone here know, but what about we discuss it from the POV of the costumer, I think that it will be interesting.

    Im have to confess that is a relief to know that I can go to fancy diner wearing a sneaker and I dont want this to go away, never. At the same time I know that im part of the reason behind the lack of effort that brands are putting in clothes and accessories. Maybe is miscommunication, I want to feel comfy and fashion, but that doest mean that every season brands have to thrown at us 1000's different versions of branded hoodies, guccyfied sweatpants and sneakers that in the end look almost the same.
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    One thing to note is that the Lyst Index is mostly based on the search performance of brands on their own commercial platform and does not include LVMH brands for example nor Chanel. Plus they're not taking into account the search-to-purchase rate.

    That being said sure thing luxury is less vertical but only on the most accessible segments like SLG's, footwear and eyewear, the ones you can allow risk taking. Luxury has widened the entry doors in order to reach the so-called Millennials and Gen Z and their grow visibility. However core of the sales performance still remains in LGs.

    Then double GG belts, Chains Reaction sneakers and others FF sweats are just a way to have those new customers as daily ambassadors while more mature and/or affluent customers will be confident in the desirability of brand and will buy more bags.

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