Songs you would like to hear on runway shows?

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    *Moderators feel free to remove this thread if there is one already existing*


    1. Choose the designer you would want to play your selected music, you can create a runway track for a new season or use the designers past season runway show as an example.

    2. Choose the theme that the designer would have for the show or use a past season runway show theme.

    A3. In order from opening song up till last song; write down the song title and artist (you can use youtube links aswell).

    B3. If you want the artist to sing in person for the runway show, provide the artist name and song title. **Optional** If it is a past season, give us a look from the designers collection that the singer should wear on stage.

    4. In a space below you can as an option provide a answer and reason for:

    Q1: Why you chose this/these song(s)?
    Q2: Do you think it has relevance to the designers own taste in music?
    Q3: What kind of special effects or remixes would you like to have on the runway track if you have any?

    Please feel free to give me support or feedback in regards to this thread. I would appreciate all of your comments or suggestions to making this thread better and appealing.
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